For Liberals: Civility is harassing our Press Secretary; Civility is bringing mobs at Republicans’ homes, Civility is throwing the carcass of a charred animal onto the porch; Civility is harassing administration employees

Hysteria, Hate, and Histrionics Defines the Left

By —— Bio and Archives--June 27, 2018

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Lacking any substance and sinking deeper into the abyss of irrelevance, the Democrat Party’s platform seems to be defined by the cause of defending illegal aliens over Americans, invaders who have broken our laws by crossing the border illegally. Mexican officials and liberals claim that immigration of any kind is a human right.

Going a step further, Democrats are defending MS-13 gang members who have terrorized Salvadorans, robbing and stealing from ordinary citizens who are so scared for their lives, they give them everything they want – clothes, money, chicken, food, and anything else they demand.


Now these animals who maim and kill for ritualistic sport are coming to our shores among unaccompanied minors housed on our military bases and in church-run shelters. The President was right about them.

The Democrats defend the children who are separated from their parents, sometimes desperate parents who send them alone on foot and on a train called the Beast, sometimes opportunistic and irresponsible parents who send their young with a coyote to the border.

In the case of the woman who crossed the border twice with her child, she left her husband and other children behind. Her asylum petition does not seem like such a sure case if the other children left behind and her spouse are safe. It did not stop Time magazine from running a cover with her crying child and a towering Trump, implying that Trump had separated the poor toddler from her mom - they were together.

But the Border Patrol told Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA in an interview that unaccompanied children are not like ordinary American children of that age, they are “hard core.” They have organized hierarchies even as young as five, ready to “take your lunch money.” They take cookies from the weaker ones. The older kids, ten to thirteen, engage in sexual activities through the chicken wire fence that separates girls from boys. When the agents put up plywood on the fence, they drilled holes in the plywood in order to continue their sexual activities.

Why do Democrats and their socialist ilk hate patriotic Americans who love their country and want the best for its citizens, including border protection and sovereignty?

Because Democrats have been successfully brainwashed and indoctrinated in public schools and have become strident and militant proponents of the new world order, of global communism, and of open borders. Anybody else who believes differently is a threat that must be marginalized and eliminated. And the money coffers are full; there is enough to go around for many years of social unrest and societal disruption in the style of their socialist guru, Saul Alinsky, the author of Rules for Radicals.

Every day another famous or infamous Democrat celebrity is taking to the stage to vilify, misrepresent, and threaten the opposition with disrupting their lives, their peaceful access to grocery stores, gas stations, movies, restaurants, or just walking down the street.

Public officials of the Trump administration are being stopped and harassed in public places by unhinged liberals triggered by speeches of Representative Maxine Waters, who claims that she has a right to peaceful activism. Calling for violence publicly is not peaceful. When you restrict someone’s civil liberties in this manner, it is not peaceful activism.

It is a mass hysteria, hate, and histrionics stoked by the MSM, reading their marching notes from the Democrat Party. The western world is shaking its collective head as to what is happening to our country.

The more successful the Trump economy becomes, the more strident the Left becomes. And the “Right Wingers,” patient and tolerant group that they are, keep their silence hoping that the insanity of the left will die down and everyone will go back to the hole they crawled out of. But, since they have nothing else to offer their voters and supporters, they offer childish tantrums unbecoming of adults.

You would think that all political groups would get behind a good economy even though they may hate our President, because a good economy benefits all Americans. But that is not what the left is about. They show their hateful colors every day by projecting it onto conservatives.

Four years ago, Nancy Pelosi riled Berkley graduates in her commencement speech by urging them to be disruptors. As some on the left followed her advice, now Pelosi has changed her tune and warned people to be civil. Civility is a rational direction but the radical left is still sore and bruised from their election loss two years ago and they are not going to accept Trump ever as their president. They are certainly entitled to free speech as long as it does not incite mass hysteria and violence.

Speaking to a criminal justice organization in Los Angeles, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said about the critics of the administration’s immigration policies, “The rhetoric we hear from the other side on the issue, as on many others, has become radicalized. We hear views on television today that are on the lunatic fringe, frankly.”

As one reader, Mike F., put it, “Liberals have never been on the right side of anything. What they touched ended up corrupted, tainted, deluded, diluted, compromised, unworkable, overly expensive, and unwieldly. They started the KKK, the Jim Crows laws, used fake news, and photo shopped pictures to incite hysteria in their base.”

We learn Civility as toddlers and in kindergarten, that is why we are civilized. Civility has a different definition for liberals. Civility for them is harassing our Press Secretary so much that she now requires Secret Service protection 24 hours a day. Civility for Democrats is bringing mobs at prominent Republicans’ homes and disturbing their peace with offensive chants and drums. Civility is throwing the carcass of a charred animal on the front porch of a Republican with small children. Civility is harassing administration employees in restaurants, cinemas, and at gas stations.


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