I am troubled by the way we, as a country, are viewing Sens. Joe Manchin and Lisa Murkowski

By -- Margaret Glover—— Bio and Archives--October 8, 2018

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I am troubled by the way we, as a country, are viewing Sens. Joe Manchin and Lisa Murkowski. Democrats decry Manchin and applaud Murkowski while Republicans do just the opposite. I’m a conservative who was very pleased that Joe Manchin voted yes on the Kavanaugh nomination. I was also disappointed with Murkowski. But in all fairness, they both were doing the same thing, voting their conscience. It will be up to the voters of West Virginia and Alaska to decide the political futures of these two individuals.

What I hate seeing is the chest pounding and bloviations of some high profile Conservatives threatening to cost Murkowski her career. I don’t think she is a good Republican. I doubt her vote represented her constituents. I think she relishes the attention that being the deciding vote affords her. But, she doesn’t represent me. She represents the people of Alaska. Her reelection rests on them. Will I support her opponent? It depends on who it is. Sometimes the devil you know is better that the one you do not.

I am an advocate of taking the high road. I hope Conservative leaders and pundits will not abandon the high road in this instance. We have too much more to accomplish.


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