I applaud and support the move in some jurisdictions to establish sanctuaries for gun owners and unborn babies

By -- Michael Chandler—— Bio and Archives--March 12, 2019

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I applaud and support the move in some jurisdictions to establish sanctuaries for gun owners and unborn babies. The rationale makes perfect sense and is right out of the Democrats’ playbook.



Federal law makes marijuana illegal, yet states all around the country say it is legal in one form or another. Abortion is legal according to the feds but many states have enacted their own limits or checks on these rights. Entering our country without proper documentation and without using the prescribed path and you are committing a crime yet many municipalities have declared themselves above that law, even guaranteeing sanctuary. We have the right to bear arms, a right enshrined in our constitution. But, again, states are circumventing those rights with local laws.

Those who feel existing laws are wrong, are opting to work around them rather than to do the hard work to change them. Well, that road runs both ways. I fear the instances of this kind of uncertainty about who has what authority will only become more numerous. I am a states rights proponent. Those things not specifically granted to the federal government belong to the states. National security belongs with feds. All the rest should belong to the states. They certainly can’t both be calling the shots. And we certainly don’t want to make the federal government all powerful.


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