I have a dream. If dreaming is still allowed?

By -- Alice Vann—— Bio and Archives--February 18, 2019

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I have a dream. If dreaming is still allowed?  In my dream, babies are afforded the same rights as Guantanamo Bay detainees, war criminals, animals in shelters, snail darters, manatees, and unauthorized trespassers into our country. I dream that a life conceived will be loved, sheltered, nourished, humanely treated and protected from murder. I dream that we will one day soon accept responsibility for the unborn child. I dream that we will have the courage to talk to young people about the rights and responsibilities of being sexually active and that we will help them through difficult times with compassion so that they don’t feel they have no option except abortion. I dream that soon we will understand that abortion, certainly after the first trimester, cannot be called anything except murder. I dream that we will become the people we pretend to be, a people who live their human rights not just spout words.


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