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I Have Been Thinking About Voting In The Primary Election

By Malcolm Hedges—— Bio and Archives--November 12, 2007

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However, since I don’t exist there is a small problem.


The obvious route would be to declare myself a Democrat, but that is against my principles.

Since that option is out, becoming an Illegal Immigrant becomes the second choice.

I happen to reside in a state that kinda makes that a pain in the rear, so I must move to a state that will give me a driver’s license and instant voting rights without question.

But moving will kill my legitimate voter registration. And I would have all those expenses for moving.

What a dilemma?

No wonder so many people opt for being a Democrat (where even the dead can vote early and often).  Perhaps I am on the wrong side of politics?

Since there are so many challenges, I guess I’ll pass on trying to vote this time.


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