I wish the #Me Too group would explain to me their silence on Bill Clinton

By -- Shirley Reynolds —— Bio and Archives--December 27, 2017

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I’m not being snarky or oppositional when I say, sincerely, that I wish the #Me Too group would explain to me their
silence on Bill Clinton, then and now. No one had any higher office, nor wielded more power than Pres. Clinton. Few, in the face
of overwhelming evidence, have lied any more passionately. And, none have been granted the pass that he has been granted.

Even now, emboldened by the many who are speaking out, it is rare to hear anyone include Bill Clinton in a list of sexual harrassers.
Yet, that is where he belongs. Is the silence fear? Is it political? What is it that cloaks the former President in invisible armor? 
I’d ask about the Kennedys too but they are dead, honest talk about their dalliances can’t hurt them.

Those who are rabid about women’s rights and women’s obligation to speak out should probably be willing to paint all abusers with
the same brush. Picking and choosing really waters down the effectiveness of the message.


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