If Liberals Really Care About Climate Change, Why Do They Want Endless Third World Immigration?

By -- TownHall—— Bio and Archives--February 11, 2019

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As liberals seek to overhaul America’s massive transportation, energy, and farming sectors with a burdensome, draconian, patently ridiculous government confiscation program billed as the “Green” version of Roosevelt’s “New Deal,” be reminded that liberals don’t really care about the environment.

If they did, they would propose policies that actually benefited the environment they say they care so much about. Instead, they use the fact that most normal people DO care about the environment to hoodwink them into granting them more power. Because that’s the name of the game for liberals - power - and make no mistake, their lust for increasingly large chunks of it literally drives everything they do and is behind every policy they say they support.—More…



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