Michelle Marie Antoinette Obama, vacations, Obama’s 'Demoralize America' agenda

If this is Obama Act 3, hate to see what the finalé brings

By —— Bio and Archives--August 8, 2010

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Everything Obama comes with a sting, including each of their many vacations.

Michelle’s 60-room deluxe hotel stay,  15-limo entourage throughout the southern region of Andalusia including Marbella, is a case in point.


Momma Marxist 1 returns from her vacation in Spain today in time to pack her bags for her next one in Massachusetts.

Pulling her Marie Antoinette routine in Marbella could be the script for “How I Spent my Summer Vacation as a Malcontent Community Organizer”.

Everything the Obamas do comes with a slap in the face for those they consider their lessers.  And in the case of the get-even, self-centered arrogant Obamas, everybody else is a lesser.

The present occupants of the White House are far different than the people they purport to lead.  Patriotic Americans are driven by love of God, country and family.  Love of God for Obama includes the odd text message sent via his Blackberry.  The whole world knows by now that he has no love for the country that elected him to power, and his love for family, aside from half-brothers living in huts,  could only be categorized as `private’. 

Is Michelle the 19 months-in latest prop in Obama’s “Demoralize America” agenda?

Other than her well touted crusade against childhood obesity, Michelle has largely been left to moulder in the background.  With so many people going hungry and so many more Americans now having to rely on food stamps, childhood obesity could be the wrong cause to champion and get her the attention she craves.

Easy to grab headlines with a mainstream media ready, willing and able to advance your cause, but you can’t grab the respect of the masses.

The only respect the Obamas get both at home and abroad is the respect that comes from orders and by force.  In Spain, it was the forced closing off of a public beach by police, forcing captive audiences to become gawkers.

Obama and his minions accuse their political enemies of clinging to the past.  Yet his campaign for president has never really ended.  The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee “send us $5 by midnight” campaign continued even through his 49th birthday in Chicago last week.

Bet it piqued Mama Obama that most ordinary folk didn’t give a fig about her Marie Antoinette routine in Spain,  being far too busy just trying to survive in a flagging American economy.

It’s almost as if cheered on by the Czars and Czarinas, the Dems are now skipping merrily toward mid-term elections.

Much of what Obama does is an act that comes with a painful sting.  If what we’re seeing now is Act 3, hate to see what the finalé is going to bring.

Arguably, no one, save international terrorists, has tried harder to bring the final curtain down on America.

Life under Obama keeps getting worse every day. 

Gather your loved ones around you and pray, brothers and sisters, pray.


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