We are at war. The casualties are mounting, The budget keeps bleeding, and the Democrats keep spending

I’ll Take a Double-Dip, Smart####

By —— Bio and Archives--July 5, 2010

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The United States of America is in great peril. Absent drastic and immediate intervention, America as we know it will cease to exist. Americans are quite adept at the art of denial. But, if we don’t begin to   recognize the gut-wrenching truth that we screwed things up by putting an illegitimate usurper in the most powerful office on Earth and that said usurper has been systematically dismantling and destroying our economy, military, middle-class, social structure and Constitution, it’s game over.


The numbers don’t lie. While Obama spins rising GDP and a falling unemployment rate as proof that his economic policies are making our economy stronger, the Thief-In-Chief is engaging in a campaign of bald-faced lies and he knows it. Our economy is essentially dying, the victim of institutionalized chaos and growing uncertainty. The only thing keeping it alive at this point is money seized from those who earned it and given to those who didn’t, while the government coerces them into buying cars, or appliances to prop up the federal government, or its major propagandists and campaign contributors at General Electric and SEIU.

No matter how hard Obama tries to deflect criticism to his predecessor or blame foreign markets, millions of Americans whose jobs have evaporated, whose small businesses have been shuttered and whose taxes will increase next year to pay the trillions in debt he put on the nation’s balance sheet know better. While government continues to spend, small businesses continue to stagnate or die, jobs continue to disappear,  debt continues to rise, the American people continue to lose confidence, and the warnings become more dire. Economists are now openly discussing the very real possibility of a “double-dip” recession. While technically correct, this explanation of what’s happening to our economy is far too simplistic.

Recession is defined as negative economic growth for two consecutive quarters. So, while Obama can technically claim that we’re out of recession and in recovery, the growth is all redistributed tax revenue that Democrats are seizing from you and I and giving away like LSD and Sexually Transmitted Diseases at Woodstock.

Keynesian economics has been a failure wherever implemented

Keynesian economics has been a failure wherever implemented. Government priming of the economic pumps has never worked and has inevitably led to banana republics and rivers of blood when the populace is finally purged of wealthy, productive citizens to tax. Nobody could be stupid enough to believe that continuing down this path will lead anywhere but to financial ruin. All of this chaos and uncertainty is intentional and the Obamacrats are engaging in the wholesale overthrow of our free market system.

We are at war. The casualties are mounting, The budget keeps bleeding, and the Democrats keep spending

Make no mistake. We are at war. Although no shots have been fired and no bombs have been dropped, the casualties are mounting, the budget keeps bleeding, and the Democrats keep spending.

Many people look to November for salvation, but an election won’t save us from economic ruin.The only thing that can put this nation back on the path to anything resembling prosperity is to seize power back from the government and shrink this behemoth back to the point of such weakness it can never grow strong enough threaten our God-given liberties again.

  • We must abolish the welfare state, the Postal Service, Department of Education, Federal Reserve, IRS and any institution whose functions would be carried out more efficiently by private business.
  • We must consign the outrageous concepts of Eminent Domain and the Two-Party political system to the trash heap where they belong.
  • We must put congressional rule-making authority under the scrutiny of citizens where it belongs.
  • We must eliminate fiat currency, birthright citizenship and public sector unionization.
  • We must enact strict, a constitutionally-backed vetting process and term-limits for all positions of public service, from city clerk to Supreme Court Justice.
  • We must eliminate lifetime appointments for federal judges.
  • We must end the inherent theft involved in the naming (and, often times, funding or building) of inanimate objects after legislators, living or dead. Taking billions from the taxpayers of another state to pay for these monuments to congressional narcissism is a crime.
  • We must provide Americans the constitutional-standing to (not impeach, but) terminate the career and pension of any elected or appointed member of the federal government who violates their oath of office, fails to uphold the law or Constitution, or is found to be constitutionally ineligible.
  • We must enact constitutional and fiscal means-testing to every proposed piece of legislation. No constitutional authority or money, no bill.

This once-great nation is now speeding down the road to ruin, driven there by an entire generation of ambulance-chasers who hold in their hearts nothing but contempt for our founding principles. Joe Biden’s recent comments to a Wisconsin custard shop manager who chided the VP to lower his taxes provide a glimpse of the institutionalized arrogance embodied by the Obama Administration and provide some insight into the pickled brains of corrupt, morally bankrupt politicians, who sanctimoniously attack their own constituents, force-feed us their moral degeneracy, violate their oaths of office, and whose greasy palms have somehow still managed to remain free of handcuffs all these years.


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Jayme Evans is a veteran of the United States Navy, military analyst, conservative columnist and an advocate and voice for disabled and other veterans. He has served for many years as a Subject Matter Expert in systems software testing, and currently serves as a technical lead in that capacity. He has extensively studied amateur astronomy and metallurgy, as well as military and US history.

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