Illegal is not Legal

By —— Bio and Archives--February 9, 2018

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If I were still a Democrat I’d be hanging my head in shame,  witnessing the behavior of those who have taken up the baton, to lead the party of FDR and HST. Their post Civil War mien of lynching and KKK has been replaced by a disingenuous concern for their constituents, with unfulfilled promises designed for their vote.

The latest attempt is to target the intruders who have entered our country illegally, disregarding law.

These elected officials have sworn to uphold the Constitution; but in their zeal, they are interpreting it emotionally rather than lawfully, and if this is not remedied, they must be removed from office. Allow me to clarify and differentiate between illegal and legal for them in a tongue in cheek parable.

If I saved my pennies to by a ticket, waited patiently for my team to reach and play for the championship, that will gain me entrance into the stadium is legal.

If I find a gate crasher sitting in my assigned seat, that’s considered illegal.

My parents applied for permission to emigrate to America lawfully, following criteria toward the next step. That is legal. The undocumented entered our country without permission, following no criteria. This is illegal.

Utilizing the concession stand at the stadium and paying for snacks is legal. When the gate crashers loot the concession stand, that’s illegal.

My parents qualified and could avail themselves of many things, once they earned their citizenship.

Those who have entered our country without permission or process and avail themselves of things reserved for American citizens is not legal.

Also, differentiating between Democrats and Republicans: if you are a Republican and step out of line, you don’t have to resign if you change your affiliation to Democrat


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George Giftos -- Bio and Archives | Comments

George Giftos is a retired travel agency executive, in management for agencies by Fugazy World Travel, U.S. Industries, Carlson Companies.
George is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

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