The Democrat Party is seeking this transformational change with dizzying speed, cheered on the sidelines by Republican brethren

In a Daze, Where is My Country?

By —— Bio and Archives--June 25, 2014

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There are days when I watch in a daze the slow motion transformation of America into the country I left 36 years ago. Change is good for America, I am told by those who decided in their ignorant collectivist minds that they know what’s best for the rest of the country, for the rest of the world.


It is good to invalidate and erase the southern border, eliminating sovereignty; it is good to allow a flood of illegal immigrants to overwhelm the country with their financial, economic, educational, and medical needs. It is good for the soul to be charitable against your will by government fiat. It is good to have your wealth stolen and given to those who did not earn it. It is good to ignore veterans’ needs, old people’s needs, and America’s poor. It is good for America to ignore all the legal immigrants who want to come to this country the right way.

I ask myself, where is my country? Can I have it back? Why must we destroy everything in order to satisfy the wishes of the ruling elite, the oligarchs in power, who are busy re-writing all our laws, inviting in corruption, lawlessness, and deceit. No matter what the regime says, those in power become more prosperous and acquire more power.

Why are Americans dissatisfied with their abundant lifestyle, their top-notch medical care, and generous welfare system, abundance of food, outstanding opportunity for education, advancement, promotion, and freedom of mobility?

What do they imagine that resides behind the tall green fence of egalitarian utopia with social justice for all? Is it a magical door that absorbs every illiterate wretch from around the globe and turns them into good global citizens?

Do Americans long for the adobe-style village dwellings made of mud bricks and without electricity where I spent the first seven years of my life?

Perhaps they enjoy standing in line for hours to get basic ingredients of food while fighting for the last loaf of fresh bread or kilo of flour? What a fine opportunity to get to know your entire neighborhood while waiting in food lines and engage in some competitive shoving.

Maybe they like it when shelves are empty and the pharmacies never have the drugs they need because they are in short supply and are delivered first to the regime’s oligarchs. It might scale back the collective drug dependency.

Maybe they don’t mind the lines to get toilet paper, lines that wrap around for many blocks. Who needs toilet paper when nature has plenty of leaves?

Surely they must be envying the equality of low paying salaries and forced job assignments as far away from home as possible. Nobody should have to come home but once a week. Dormitories at the place of employment are just fine. Think about all the gas and electricity saved and the carbon credits earned.

Maybe they enjoy being spied upon for their own safety by the elites, and moved into crowded, densely populated, dirty, and noisy government-run apartments. They can build such a diverse community of like-minded neighbors who “meditate” together.

Are they envying the fuzzy feeling of equality and of saving nature for God knows what, while walking miles to the grocery store, work, the market, or the doctor?

Maybe they are envying the equality of waiting for hours to see a doctor and being told to come back the next day because the doctor has filled his government-quota of patients for the day.

Perhaps they are daring and wish to have their teeth extracted or drilled without anesthetics because it has not been delivered to doctors in years. Nobody needs toxic substances in their bodies.

Maybe they welcome the communist indoctrination in schools and the rounding up of parents weekly to be humiliated in front of the entire parent body because their children are not marching obediently enough in lock-step with the “dictatura” of the regime.

Conceivably they must enjoy gawking at the one-sausage hanging in the window while the elites shop at their own stores and visit their own hospitals.

Possibly they enjoy staying at home, waiting for the government check and other unearned “entitlements” to arrive, hopefully on time, and the coupons for food rationing, delivered by an approved mailman who is too tired and haggard to care that all mail has been opened and read before delivery.

Feasibly they may enjoy taking virtual vacations vicariously through the television broadcasted vacations of the elites. Who needs to leave the safety of their crowded abode to travel on trains and buses to faraway places where nobody can afford the gas, the food, and the hotel?

Conceivably they may enjoy staying in the dark on a regular basis when power is cut off, shivering when heat does not reach their apartments, and sweltering in summer because air conditioning is not allowed or too expensive.

Americans may learn to enjoy the freedom of not bathing because water is rationed. Who needs to smell good or wash clothes when it is so much easier to go dirty and with matted hair? Shampoo and soap are overrated, we are told by Europeans, we bathe too much and our skin dries out. Think how soft and smooth your skin will be from lack of bathing. We would be saving Mother Nature. We are not sure what we would be saving the planet for, but we are saving it to thrive back to wilderness. That would make environmentalists really happy.

Why would Americans protest when a vet who had three strokes is denied nursing home care? Neither Medicare nor Tricare would pay for his care because he has no visible wounds and he has plenty of resources saved up to pay $6,000 a month for nursing care. After all, it’s only fair; he has to exhaust all his earthly possessions before Medicaid kicks in. Everybody else, who did not pay their dues to society like our vets had, gets all services free.

The government needs money to care for these poor illegal alien “children” who showed up on our southern border from Central America, by no fault of their own, some with awful tattoos, their parents just let them out of the house and someone unfairly bussed them and flew them to our border patrols where they were met with open arms, scabies and all. They need free housing, free health care, free education, 42,000 pairs of grown men’s underwear, formula, bottles, babysitters, etc. - it is expensive to alter practically overnight, relatively speaking, the demographics of our “unfair and insufficiently diverse” society.

The Democrat Party is seeking this transformational change with dizzying speed, cheered on the sidelines by Republican brethren. But we are not transforming fast enough into the “social justice,” “environmental justice,” and “coexist” Tower of Babel heaven they’ve promised their American followers and constituents. We must be nudged. A suggestion has been floated that they should change their name to the Communist Party since they are so neatly aligned with Marxism.

I can hardly wait for this American majority and the illegal aliens they support to attain the communist utopia they’ve escaped from but so richly deserve. The oligarchs, the liberal rich, the political class, and Hollywood elites can then hang around with the former middle class they’ve impoverished with their policies and their activism.


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