Nobody’s laughing at your ‘joke’, Joy Behar.

In Mocking Christians, Bully Bigot Joy Behar Claims She Was Only Joking

By —— Bio and Archives--February 20, 2018

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In Mocking Christians, Bully Bigot Joy Behar Claims She Was Only Joking
In fact, Behar and ABC are finding out the hard way that Jesus and his followers are no joke.

Some 25,363 and still counting telephone calls of complaint to ABC prove that loud and haughty Joy Behar’s non-apology: “I don’t mean to offend people but apparently I keep doing it. “It was a joke”, is insincere.


“This past week, Joy Behar from “The View” accused Vice President Mike Pence of “mental illness” because he says he hears from God. “It’s one thing to talk to Jesus, it’s another thing when Jesus talks to you. That’s called mental illness, if I’m not correct,” said Behar.” (CBN, Feb. 18, 2018)

Mocking Jesus and all of those who believe in Him is no more acceptable today than it was when He was carrying his Cross to Golgotha two thousand years ago.

That goes for “The View”  co-host Sunny Hostin,  who said it’s “interesting” that former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman recently said that Pence talks to Jesus and believes Jesus tells him things”, too.

“Hostin said she is a “faithful” Catholic but doesn’t want her vice president “speaking in tongues.” (FoxNews)

The tongue “faithful” Catholic Hostin speaks in is one some 25,000 people don’t seem to want to hear.

Nor does this supporter of the Women’s March and its “He’s not my President” signage, have any credibility in saying Pence is “her” vice president.

Anti-Christian bigots Behar and Hostin may have delivered us an unwitting favor.  They may have curbed the easy out for all media talking heads and politicians from passing their bigotry off as ‘jokes’.

ABC will lose ratings because of the flagrant anti-Christian remarks coming from “The View” and will be forced, sooner or later, to deal with Behar’s inflammatory remarks.

“The controversy has resulted in a variety of industry watchdogs suggesting it would be wise for ABC News to divorce itself from the show that typically features four outspoken liberals and a single conservative. (FoxNews, Feb. 19, 2018)

“It’s a pure opinion and infotainment program and therefore should be under its entertainment division,” The Hill media columnist Joe Concha told Fox News.

“Media Research Center President Brent Bozell published an open letter to ABC News after the controversial comments, calling for an apology for the “anti-Christian remarks.” ABC News received 25,363 calls as of early Monday morning from people complaining about the comments made by “The View” co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar, according to the MRC.

“Bozell called the conversation a “serious problem,” while saying the comments were “insulting” to all Christians. He also detailed other examples of what he called a “disturbing trend” of ABC and “The View” insulting Christians.

“Make no mistake, the slurs against the vice president’s faith insult millions of Christians and are unacceptable. If there are no on-air apologies after this deplorable episode, Christians will tune out ABC programming across the board. And we will do our best to encourage it,” Bozell wrote.

“The MRC, which bills itself as “America’s leading media watchdog in documenting, exposing and neutralizing liberal media bias,” has also reached out to at least five advertisers of “The View.”

“I am sure the advertisers of ‘The View’ will be just as appalled as I am about the anti-Christian remarks made on the show,” Bozell wrote.”

Meanwhile, It’s got to be Poetic Justice 101 that bigot Joy Behar who admits she was “joking” about Vice President Mike Pence’s Christianity has become the butt of her own cover-up joke.


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