They should have realized it wasn’t to the UN where this megalomaniac was headed, but somewhere where BS counts far more than hard work

Indoctrinating Next Generation’s Leaders With Mickey & Minnie Mouse Celebrity Status

By —— Bio and Archives--May 25, 2018

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Indoctrinating Next Generation’s Leaders With Mickey & Minnie Mouse Celebrity Status
Boom! and Bingo! all at once.

The celebratory sound of Barack and Michelle Obama hitting Netflix pay-dirt.

Until Jan.  20, 2017 they were just U.S. President and First Lady where they got to torment half of the masses they were elected to serve for eight, miserable, long years.


Suddenly and out of the blue, now the entire world and not just the White House is their proverbial oyster.

The Obamas will now be in your face;  your unsolicited life professors; your entertainment and the leaders pioneering the path to a Brave New World.

Barack and Michelle are the new Mickey and Minnie Mouse minus the innocence of the past, and there’ll be no escaping the monumental propaganda that Netflix is putting at their arrogant disposal.

“Earlier this week, Netflix announced it is partnering with Barack and Michelle Obama to develop original content for the video streaming giant. Initially, no real details were released — including the actual price tag of the contract. But three days later Obama has filled in some of the blanks about his plans, Business Insider reported. (Breitbart, May 24, 2018)

“Speaking at a Las Vegas tech conference hosted by cybersecurity company Okta, Obama waxed poetic about the “stories” Americans have to tell and said he wants to use his multi-year contract with Netflix to help “train the next generation of leaders.”

“Barack Obama said he relied on “stories” to fuel his political career. “Everyone has a story that is pretty sacred” about their life, Obama said. Listening to people’s stories is what helped him better serve, he explained.

Does anyone remember when Obama better served?

Did Obama preserve the sacred story of anyone’s life and we maybe just missed it?


Was travelling abroad and dissing America while on presidential pay really better serving America?

The man self appointed to “train the next generation of leaders” continues: “We want to tell stories. This [Netflix deal] becomes a platform. We are interested in lifting people up and identifying people doing amazing work,” Obama said, adding, “We did this in the White House.” (Breitbart)

“Obama related meetings to hear the stories of Hamilton creator and Broadway producer Lin-Manuel Miranda and rocker Bruce Springsteen, and he noted that identifying talent in a similar fashion is his intent with Netflix.”

Viewers and listeners will no longer get to identify talent, Comrade Obama will do it for them.

“Obama said he wants to produce stories “we think are important, and lift up and identify talent, that can amplify the connections between all of us. I continue to believe that if we are hearing each other’s stories and recognizing ourselves in each other, then our democracy works.” (Breitbart)

“We are all human. I know this sounds trite, and yet, right now globally, we have competing narratives,” Obama said.

“The ex-president also warned against “tribalism,” saying that when people feel threatened, “We go tribal. We go ethnic. We pull in, we push away.”


“He concluded saying he wants to use Netflix to help “set up institutions based on rule of law and a sense of principals and the dignity and worth of every individual.”

“Finally, after noting there is still a “clash” in the country, Obama told the crowd what he hopes his new work will do.

“I’m putting my money on the latter way,” Obama said. “That’s what we hope to be a voice to, through Netflix and through my foundation, where we’re identifying and training the next generation of leaders here in the United States and around the world. So they can start sharing their stories and cooperating.”

To get an idea of the scope where this newly-minted Mickey and Minnie have arrived, Netflix is no small potatoes in the broadcast world.

“Its market value soared above $153 billion, overtaking Disney as the most valuable media company. Netflix (NFLX) shares were up Thursday even as Disney (DIS), Comcast (CMCSA) and the broader market fell. (CNN Money, May 24, 2018)

“But Disney regained the crown by the close after Netflix shares pared their gains, taking the streaming company’s market cap below $152 billion.

“Netflix is still in second place ahead of Comcast, which it passed Wednesday. The cable giant is now valued at about $145.5 billion.

“Netflix has added millions of subscribers around the globe for the past few years. The company’s success demonstrates that its bet on original content—shows like “Stranger Things,” “Orange is the New Black, “The Crown” and “13 Reasons Why”—has paid off.

“The company even announced a price hike for subscribers last year, but that hasn’t slowed its growth.

“Disney plans to launch its own streaming network. But that hasn’t hurt Netflix yet, despite the fact that Netflix airs many shows based on Disney-owned Marvel comic book characters.

“Competition from Hulu—the streaming service backed by Disney, Fox and CNN parent company Time Warner—hasn’t really dented Netflix’s growth either. Nor has Amazon (AMZN) Prime Video.

“Before this week, Netflix had already passed most traditional media companies, including Time Warner (TWX), Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox (FOXA), CBS (CBS) and Viacom (VIAB).

“Netflix is now getting closer to telecom and media giants AT&T and Verizon. Both companies are worth about $200 billion. The Justice Department has sued to block AT&T (T) from buying Time Warner. A federal judge is expected to rule on the case by June 12. Verizon (VZ) owns AOL and Yahoo.”

Ever since Obama dreamed himself up, before entering the political world as the ‘Messiah’, many believed he would position himself as ‘King of the World’ when his presidency was up.

They should have realized it wasn’t to the UN where this megalomaniac was headed, but somewhere where BS counts far more than hard work.

Meanwhile, welcome to the new Mickey and Minnie Mouse chapter of the Lost Society.  The world is about to take a gigantic leap into the Twilight Zone, and all you’ll have to do to get there is to watch Barack and Michelle on Netflix.


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