There can be no doubt that Barack Obama, who went from Messiah to a hidden-in-closet ‘Resistance” Leader had Google in his back pocket since at least 2007 and maybe before

Is the Democrats’ Digital God Self-Deleting from the Crime Scene?

By —— Bio and Archives--December 22, 2017

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Is the Democrats’ Digital God Self-Deleting from the Crime Scene?
Sexual harassment, or “womanizing” as some sexist MSM prefer to call it, seems to have become a one-size-fits-all routine for the dirt-digging progressive left.

Some sexual harassment suspects take advantage of ‘early retirement’ when they cotton on to the handwriting on the wall. 

Are sexual harassment allegations now providing the escape hatch to flee from potentially serious fraud and political corruption charges that could lead to jail time?

Howling sexual harassment wolves have arrived at the door of Silicon Valley’s Eric Schmidt, who is stepping down as executive chairman of Google’s parent company, Alphabet.

At least sort of:

“News outlets have been sniffing around Schmidt’s former flames looking for a Harvey Weinstein-like bombshell, a source close to Schmidt told The Post. But sources say there’s nothing there. (New York Post, Dec. 21, 2017)

“They haven’t found s–t. Because there is no sexual harassment. There has never been any issue. They have had nothing. People have looked into it and people have not found anything,” the source said.

“The source added that if something foul was afoot, Google would have canned Schmidt completely.”

How “completely” can “canned” really be?

Google ran the largely digital presidential campaigns of former President Barack Obama and failed Democrat 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, whom the polls said was an inevitable win.

And we all now know that things turned out to be far less than kosher in the election aftermath.

It has now become clear that former officials who manufactured a media “echo chamber” to sell the Iran deal are now working to undermine a bombshell report that revealed how former President Barack Obama’s administration derailed its own Drug Enforcement Agency’s efforts to stop Islamist terrorist group Hezbollah from developing a global narcotics syndicate.

“The Obama administration gave Hezbollah a pass, according to a bombshell Politico piece, in order to protect the Iran deal — one of the few remaining pillars of Barack Obama’s legacy.” (The Daily Caller, Dec. 21, 2017)


Then there’s the revelation of a new probe into the ‘Uranium One’ deal as Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department will investigate what Britain’s Daily Mail calls “claims of Clinton sleaze”. (TownHall)

Wouldn’t Google try most anything to keep their former CEO off the witness stand?

Just asking.

Meanwhile Eric Schmidt has stepped deeper into the murky shadows of Artificial Intelligence.

“The 62-year-old tech tycoon — who, according to Google co-founder Sergey Brin, was originally tapped as CEO in 2001 to provide “adult supervision” for himself and Larry Page — said in a statement that he will remain at Alphabet as a “technical advisor.” (Post)

“In recent years, I’ve been spending a lot of my time on science and technology issues, and philanthropy, and I plan to expand that work,” Schmidt said.

“One source close to Schmidt said the move would allow him to have a more “hands-on role” in developing artificial intelligence for defense.

“Schmidt has also been spending more time on his foundation, which focuses on sustainability, the source said.

“But the timing of Schmidt’s sudden move — along with the fact that Alphabet waited three days to disclose that Schmidt had told the company he was stepping down, according to a filing — raised questions.


Continued below...

“Schmidt is a known womanizer despite being married for 37 years to Wendy Schmidt, who said in 2012 they started living separate lives because she felt like “a piece of luggage” following him around the world.”

“Another source close to Schmidt said that any rumors of sexual harassment were “totally not true.”

“But the insider could not deny Schmidt’s well-documented romantic past and said the techie’s entanglements were “consensual” and that there are “no complaints” against the exec or “settlements” from the company.

Nothing to see here, folks, move along, Schmidt is merely availing himself of more time “to have a more “hands-on role” in developing artificial intelligence for defense”.

Meanwhile Schmidt has been dethroned as the digital ‘god of politics’ and moved over to the one with arrogant claims that the real God is the AI one (DailyStar, Dec. 11, 2017):

“Former Google and Uber engineer Anthony Levandowski, set to launch an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based religion called ‘The Way of The Future’, “so people can worship a “Godhead” robot that is a billion times smarter than humans” they are calling ‘The Messiah”,  has much in common with Democrat-aggrandized ‘Messiah’ former president Barack Obama. 

“(Levandowski) “wants to create a new “church” that revolves around Artificial Intelligence and has people worshipping at the feet of a super-machine.

“And tech experts have said humans are likely to accept the robot as a higher being.”


The last ‘Messiah’ presented to humanity by the progressive-left at the 2008 DNC convention in Denver, Colorado, never walked on water but only flew over it.

And there can be no doubt that Barack Obama, who went from Messiah to a hidden-in-closet ‘Resistance” Leader had Google in his back pocket since at least 2007 and maybe before. 

The moral of this story is that some self-acclaimed ‘gods’ merely step from one realm into another when the time is right.

But rich and power-crazed gods never go where we need them to go: as FAR AWAY as possible.

How Obama manipulated sensitive secret intelligence for political gain

Washington Times—They wanted him dead.

For years, a clandestine U.S. intelligence team had tracked a man they knew was high in the leadership of al Qaeda — an operative some believed had a hand in plotting the gruesome 2009 suicide attack in Afghanistan that killed seven CIA officers.

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