A Religion of peace

Islam wins through Terror and Jihad

By Jan Willem van der Hoeven, International Christian Zionist Cente—— Bio and Archives--February 19, 2008

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It is astounding to see how, whereas most Muslims claim to practice ‘a peaceful religion’ - as even President George W. Bush affirmed concerning Islam - and even as they continually praise their Allah as “the merciful one,” that they nevertheless win their battles and subjugate people the world over by terror and jihad.


Mohammed himself, in his short lifetime, fought more than 50 wars to spread the teachings of ISLAM. Across the planet today Muslims are killing, threatening and terrorizing nation after nation and, where deemed necessary, political leaders, journalists or others who dare to stand in their way, even while their spokesmen cleverly and misleadingly tell the world that Islam is a religion of peace.

Sure it is!

Looking at a map of today’s world we see Muslims terrorizing and massacring hundreds of thousands of south Sudanese - many of them peace-loving Christians - terrorizing and killing in many parts of the Philippines, Indonesia, India and in other regions. In fact the majority of recent wars has been initiated or fought by Muslims, in Lebanon, Syria, in Somalia, Afghanistan, and most recently in Kenya.

Even fellow Muslims are not safe from this scourge of terror and jihad, as the Muslims in Iran found out when the Muslim Saddam Hussein fought and attacked them; as Sunni Muslims in Iraq are experiencing as they are blown up - in their own mosques - by Muslim Shiites; as Muslim Lebanese lawmakers, even presidents (like Bishara, Jemayel and Harrari) found out when they were murdered in cold blood by Syrian-supported Muslim intruders. The list is long.

As seen in poor Lebanon, endless suffering is inflicted on anyone who stands in the way of those who have made themselves the final judges and authorities of what Islam stands for. It is committed by Hezbollah or Syrian infiltrators, against Lebanese who simply want to be Lebanese citizens, or against peace-loving Palestinians hanged and pierced on poles by other Muslim Palestinians: Issam Sartawi murdered in Portugal because he really wanted to have peace with Israel; Anwar Sadat murdered in Egypt - all this done by Muslim terrorists who believe they are the upholders of ISLAM in its purest form.

When individuals in the West who finally wake up to this all-encompassing threat and danger are willing to warn or speak out, they are immediately threatened or silenced by the very Islamic terror they so courageously alerted against.

This happened to Pope Benedict XVI in September 2006 after he dared to quote a medieval source saying that there is an inherent violence in ISLAM. He was immediately made to pay for his courage by churches and Christians being attacked and killed in different places because of this remark.

So it went after the Danish newspaper Jyllends-Posten published caricatures of Mohammed in September 2005.

Thus it happened to the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh murdered in November 2004 in front of his house by Muslims who did not like his film about the degradation of women in Muslim societies.

Do we have to go on to describe the terrible anguish of around 3000 men and woman trapped in New York’s Twin Towers in September 2001 before their lives were snuffed out, again by Muslim-inspired terrorists, mostly from Saudi Arabia?

Do we have to revisit the thousands of people in Israel, killed, lynched and terrorized for decades by Muslim neighbors, all in the name of ISLAM, whose adherents claim that Allah wants to purify the ISLAMIC Middle East first from a sovereign Jewish state and then from Christians, as their children sing: “We shall fight first the Saturday people and then the Sunday people.”

So they win, by threatening anyone and everyone who wants to stop their advance. And they win by terror or jihad. They do so inEurope where they have paralyzed people in fear of what would happen if they would let an ever increasing number of Europeans speak their mind. It is all too late, the backlash too enormous to even contemplate.

New York’s Twin Towers stand (or stood!) as a stark reminder of what happens to nations whose policies are at war with the forces of ISLAM, whether they be in Afghanistan, Iraq or the Middle East or the ever more aggressively-demanded rights of Muslims living in the West.

When U.S.-led soldiers of westerners and Iraqis truly want to bring democracy into war-torn and terrorized Iraq, they are killed by the thousands for daring to introduce this - to Islam, strange - concept of freedom and democracy.

When Benazir Bhutto, a courageous woman, wants to introduce as a possible candidate for her Pakistani nation the same principles of freedom and democracy, she is killed by these same Islamic fanatics.

So all over the world from the Philippines to the Sudan, from Europe to the United States, ISLAM wins through terror and jihad, as it did from its beginnings.

So by Terror they win

They have won in Iran
They win in Afghanistan
They win in Iraq
They win in Lebanon
They win in Sudan and Somalia
They win in the Pakistan

They are beginning to win in the West, first in Europe and then in the States and there is little that can stop them. They have the oil and the money. They have the masses and many of them have the fanatically held faith that Allah wants them to conquer and submit the whole world.
Against the horrifying background of all this, would anyone have believed on September the 11th 2001, when all of America was weeping for those whose lives had been brutally ended by Islamic-inspired terror, that Americans by the millions would soon vote in favor of a young, ex-Muslim Senator; a man who, when in power, would be loath to fight the very sponsors and initiators of this all-encompassing threat, and instead want to try and reason with them? This may not just spell the end of America, that great land of the brave: but with it also the end of the whole free world!

Kenya was one of the only countries on the Africa Continent that had a stable, pro-Western and Israel-friendly government, a country where Obama’s Muslim family still lives. Obama not long ago visited this country and stirred trouble, igniting Raila Odinga to challenge the just-chosen pro-Western, pro-Israel President Mwai Kibaki with the resulting massacres and unrest. This is how TheJerusalem Post’s Caroline Glick reported (January 21, 2008) on this disturbing episode:
“Kenya currently teeters at the edge of political chaos and civil war in the wake of the disputed Dec. 27 presidential elections. Those elections pitted incumbent President Mwai Kibaki against Raila Odinga who leads the Orange Democratic Movement. While the polls showed the public favoring Odinga, Kibaki was declared the winner. Odinga rejected the results and his supporters have gone on rampages throughout the country that have killed some 700 people so far. Fifty people were murdered when a pro-Odinga mob set ablaze a church in which they were hiding.

Kibaki is close ally of the US in the war against Islamic terror. In stark contrast, Odinga is an ally of Islamic extremists. On August 29 Odinga wrote a letter to Kenya’s pro-jihadist National Muslim Leaders Forum. There he pledged that if elected he would establish Sharia courts throughout the country; enact Islamic dress codes for women; ban alcohol and pork; indoctrinate schoolchildren in the tenets of Islam; ban Christian missionary activities, and dismiss the police commissioner, “Who has allowed himself to be used by heathens and Zionists.”

Although Odinga is an Anglican, he referred to Islam as the “one true religion” and scorned Christians as “worshipers of the cross.“Obama strongly supports Odinga who claims to be his cousin. As Daniel Johnson reported recently in the New York Sun, during his 2006 visit to Kenya, Obama was so outspoken in his support for Odinga that the Kenyan government complained to the State Department that Obama was interfering with the internal politics of the country. After the Dec. 27 elections Obama interrupted a campaign appearance in New Hampshire to take a call from Odinga.”

So ISLAM wins. It wins in Kenya, it wins in the West. It wins in Lebanon, in Iran, in Afghanistan, in Syria and in Iraq, in Sudan and in Somalia. It begins even to win in Turkey and many other places in the world: Through terror and jihad, or just through clever infiltration, till it all will be too late also for Europe and America!


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