Isn’t it curious that we want less taxes, easier reporting, more jobs and economic stimulation

By -- Malcolm Williams—— Bio and Archives--April 26, 2017

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Isn’t it curious that we want less taxes, easier reporting, more jobs and economic stimulation. We are all in favor of the average person getting a break, but God forbid that the company building the cars, developing the drugs, searching for fuel sources, developing property so that people have a place to live, should make a profit.

We all want our taxes to go down but we’ll be darned if we are on board with anybody related to, or Donald Trump himself making one penny more.

So, how will that work? We’ll embrace the new tax proposal if it has a clause saying it applies to everybody except those listed? Who else will be on the list? Where is the cut off?

I know it is human nature to hate a winner but jeez, if a proposal is good for the country, it is good for all. Don’t people realize that if they have a few more dollars to spend at the mall, some big wig somewhere might make a little more money? And if he or she makes a little more money, they might build a new store or hire some more people. But we wouldn’t want that, would we?

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