It is time to collectively take a deep breath and calm down.

By -- Fred Kirby—— Bio and Archives--October 8, 2018

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It is time to collectively take a deep breath and calm down. It is over. The seat on the Supreme Court is filled. Time to move on to other pressing issues. If there was ever an example of a tempest in a teapot this confirmation process was it.

It really stinks to lose. And Democrats are still licking their wounds from the loss of Merrick Garland as a Justice. Republicans are celebrating the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh. Frankly, filling that seat was a driving issue in the 2016 election.

We will probably never know and never agree on the Blasey- Ford allegations. That is all they were.

But guess what, when these two men served together on the US Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, they joined together on opinions 93% of the time. 93%. So, can we look at this rationally and realize things will be OK? And can we acknowledge that some behaviors were really silly? Whipped up frenzy without a solid basis. We should learn from this ugly mess.


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