Politicians like Obama and Trudeau, and pontiffs like Pope Francis are lying to you. This world is not about to be consumed by out-of-control global warming/climate change, but by progressives hanging the noose of One World Government around society

It’s not global warming but One World Government that’s gobbling society

By —— Bio and Archives--October 26, 2015

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Progressive activists gone giddy with power in post-election Canada have joined the United States, other parts of the world and the Catholic Church under a universal ‘Hope and Change’ enforced society.

Having been corralled into the same Big Government barnyard, society has a problem whose solution has yet to be found.  But the agents of change have an even bigger one:

It’s going to take more, much more, than a one-size-fits-all ‘Hope and Change’ slogan for citizens to willingly trade freedom, liberty, individualism and patriotism for that Marxist ideal called One World Government.

For decades the United Nations has been trying to gather humanity under a blanket they advocate as warm and fuzzy.  For decades humanity has thrown it off.

Luckily for the masses, ‘Change’ does not come with its own magic wand.  Dropped from on high in lofty meaningless rhetoric, change comes from a control freak kind of deceitful trickery. 

When enforced ‘Change” is dangled before humanity by tricksters in political office, courtesy of natural law, our survival instincts come rushing to the fore.

Ironically enough, few things are more subject to change than the latter day politician.  It’s an occupational hazard for the politician that they are here today, gone tomorrow, even though tomorrow can sometimes be six and a half years (America) and 4-5 years (Canada) in coming.

Climate change runs in cycles and so do progressive politicians

Climate change runs in cycles and so do progressive politicians.

With a huge boost from the Catholic Church, progressives are fixing to mount One World Government through Climate Change.  Even though one of our top Catholic reporters is saying that it was Saint Pope John Paul II and the outgoing Pope Benedict XVI that laid the groundwork for the 3-week-long mess they call the Synod on the Family, it was Pope Francis who threw us to the wolves when he threw in with Barack Obama on Climate Change.

God have mercy on us because there is no longer any mercy of note coming from the Pope Francis-led Catholic church.

While the Synod on the Family was providing a platform for sodomites in Rome, this was what was going on in small town churches like St. Peter’s in Goderich, Ont.:


In December, world leaders will be meeting in Paris at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) to negotiate a binding and universal agreement on the world’s climate. For this agreement to be effective at avoiding future climate-related disasters, the global temperature can’t rise more than 2°C over the coming years. In order to achieve this, however, countries like Canada will need to transition to  renewable  energies,  and  move  away  from  fossil  fuels. Sign Development and Peace’s Action card,, which will be distributed at mass on Oct. 24/25 asking the Prime Minister to sign on to an agreement at COP21 that sets the target to keep the rise in temperature below 2°C and to be a leader in achieving that target. On the card, you can also share with the Prime Minister your own personal action to help reduce climate change. The survival of the planet and its people is at stake.”(St. Peter’s Church Bulletin, Oct. 25. 2015)

Climate change, rather than the Gospel,  is coming through the pulpit of the Catholic Church.  Justin Trudeau’s contact list will come from the same source.

‘Hope and Change’?

When all is said and done, people still get on their knees to pray for forgiveness for sin before calling God in on Climate Change, no matter what they are fed through the church pulpit; no matter how elections are tampered with, people will still cast votes against Big Government candidates, given the chance.

For those still willing to keep the flame of conservative values alive in Canada, where the Barack Obama campaign team one week ago today put the Justin Trudeau Liberals in power:

The election’s over.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who kept not only Canada but the world a safer place for a decade, has been shoved off the world stage.

The world owes the CBC-demonized Harper a debt of gratitude that he’ll likely never see.

How safe Canadians, and because of Canada’s proximity to the border, Americans will be is about to be seen after Trudeau has flown in to Canada the 25,000 Syrian “refugees” to whom he promised delivery before Christmas.

Meanwhile, politicians like Obama and Trudeau, and pontiffs like Pope Francis are lying to you.  This world is not about to be consumed by out-of-control global warming/climate change, but by progressives hanging the noose of One World Government around society’s neck.


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