Neither Rev. Rodriguez nor Pope Francis will be there, but President Trump will be, addressing the crowd by satellite

It's Not Really President Trump Who Needs His Mouth Washed Out With Soap

By —— Bio and Archives--January 19, 2018

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It's Not Really President Trump Who Needs His Mouth Washed Out With Soap
Throwing the spotlight on so-called Men of the Cloth: It’s not President Donald Trump who needs to have his mouth washed out with soap for having allegedly made use of the vulgar ‘s’ word at a White House meeting on immigration.

There’s just no getting around it that some words are more painful than cuss words, particularly when they heap praise on abortion advocates.

“Members of President Trump’s evangelical advisory council decided to jump ship for the day and publicly sided with Nancy Pelosi on DACA. (RedState, Jan. 18, 2018)


“You have always taken the lead. Your commitment to the immigrant community to the ‘Dreamers’ is second to none. So America is in a better place because of your prophetic leadership on this matter,” the Rev.Samuel Rodriguez, who spoke at Trump’s inauguration last year, told Pelosi at a press conference on Thursday.”

Prophetic? Really?”

Pelosi, of course, is one of the loudest advocates of abortion ever elected, coming second only to former President Barack Obama, champion of partial birth abortion.

How sincere was Rev. Rodriguez when he raised the name of President Donald Trump in prayer at his inauguration?

Discomfited by the president’s use of an expression he has denied using, Rev. Rodriguez, a member of the “unofficial” evangelical advisory board and the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference noted that “every single person is created in the image of God” and spoke of welcoming people equally from Nigeria and Norway, albeit after “a rigorous vetting process.”

“Later in the day, he said more: “In addition, and with great due deference, I believe that the comments attributed to our president can best be described as wrong, inappropriate, and hurtful. Why? Because when God looks at these nations, He sees His children.” (Yahoo, Jan. 15, 2018)

It should go without saying that our Creator sees among “His children, millions of babies killed in their mother’s wombs.

Sadly, the pastor is not the only one who hypocritically regards the president’s alleged use of the ‘s’ word as more preach-worthy than the open advocation of abortion.

Isn’t it more than a tad hypocritical, if not downright sanctimonious that the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano would try a wash-his-mouth-with-soap stance on the latest alleged expletive of President Donald Trump?

We all know by now that President Trump’s alleged use of the ‘s’ word was tattle-taled to the Internet world by Catholic U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, who went straight to the media to report the vulgarity had been “repeatedly” used at a White House meeting on immigration.

Tattletale Dicky Durbin

Tattletale Dicky Durbin


The newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano—the Vatican’s flagship—gave Trump’s comments about the immigration debate in the United States, front page attention, noting the comments had immediately sparked “controversy and indignation”.

Never mind that Trump denies using the term.

Mercifully, the newspaper did not print the vulgar word that automatically spiralled the Democrats into a full-on faux rage. No, none of that over here.

But it’s not just vulgar expletives that rile people up.

Some words indiscriminately used to honor abortion advocates are just as—if not more—offensive to the Faithful.

Some some pro-life Catholics must have thought of the ‘s’ word when reading on Twitter that abortion advocate Lilianne Ploumen, former Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation in the Netherlands, was recently honored by Pope Francis with the title of ‘Commander in the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great’.

This was one Tweet that turned out to be as troubling as it was true:

“The Lepanto Institute was able to confirm from a December 22, 2017 Dutch radio broadcast that Ploumen indeed received the honor. In a brief video clip promoting the broadcast, Ploumen displays the medal while saying that she received it from the Pope. (Lepanto Institute, Jan.12, 2018)

Lilianne Ploumen, Commander in the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great

“To say that Lilianne Ploumen is “pro-abortion” is an extreme understatement and doesn’t even come close to the scandalous reality of her activism.

“In January of last year, after US President Donald Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy, Ploumen launched a new NGO called She Decides to provide mass amounts of funds to organizations that would no longer receive funds from the US government. The Mexico City Policy automatically denies US funding for international organizations which perform or promote abortion.

“Referring to the Mexico City Policy as a “Global Gag Rule,” Ploumen stated that the intention of She Decides was to continue support for existing programs being run by organizations such as the United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA), the International Planned Parenthood Federation and Marie Stopes International. She said, “These are successful and effective programs: direct support, distributing condoms, making sure women are accompanied at the birth, and making sure abortion is safe if they have no other choice.”

The LePanto Institute continues their Ploumen profile:

“But Ploumen’s anti-Catholic activity isn’t restricted to abortion. In September of 2017, Ploumen participated in the United Nations LGBTI Core Group. As the first speaker at the event, Ploumen noted that “LGBTI rights are human rights.” In her opening remarks, she said, “We cannot be complacent. [Today] in more than 70 countries homosexuality is still criminalized…stigma against LGBT people continue all over the world.”

“In 2014, Ploumen ended foreign aid to the country of Uganda for passing a bill banning sodomy and same-sex “marriage.”

In February of 2010, Ploumen called on LGBT activists to descend upon and disrupt Mass at St. John the Baptist Cathedral, wearing pink triangles with the words “Jesus excludes no one.”

“The reason? She and other pro-LGBT activists were protesting the Church’s moral teaching regarding homosexuality.”


We already know how Pope Francis profiles President Donald Trump:

“In 2016, in response to a question about then-candidate Trump’s views on immigration and his intention to build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico, Francis said a man with such views was “not Christian”. (Reuters, Jan. 12, 2018)

“Trump, who grew up in a Presbyterian family, shot back saying it was “disgraceful” for the pope to question his faith.”

Actions speak so much louder than cuss words.

Thousands will be taking part in the 2018 March for Life today.

Neither Rev. Rodriguez nor Pope Francis will be there, but President Trump will be, addressing the crowd by satellite.


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