Hating for the Sake of Hatred

It’s the “deplorables” not the Russians who stole the election from Hillary Clinto

By —— Bio and Archives--June 11, 2017

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Society’s loudest screechers, all those with any access to the mainstream media’s bullying bullhorn have become lost in unhinged hatred.  They now hate for the sake of hatred.

The visceral hatred of the MSM-supported Lib-Left progressives has all the characteristics of an ongoing, over the top family feud, a world-wide one.  Few remember how they got to be so irrationally unhinged.  No one knows why they are so angry, they just are.

They cluster in the darkest of corners, waiting for America to implode through the takedown of its duly elected 45th president having convinced themselves impeachment will be happening any day now.

It’s the “deplorables” and not the Russians who stole the election from Hillary Clinton. the mere thought of which has her reaching for the Chardonnay as she lives out her life in political exile.

No wonder she has sunk so deep into frustration and embitterment.

They had it in the bag, didn’t they?  It’s not every day you have a director of the FBI seemingly undermining the president of the US—before he was elected president.

Eight months later, former FBI Director James Comey outed himself as the Reality Winner of the Leaker Industry.  Reality — Winner only wanted to burn the White House down .Comey and his proxy Robert Mueller seemingly only wanted to destabilize President Donald Trump and thus America.

How is it even possible that Comey, who admitted he leaked a false news story to the New York Times would get to sic former FBI pal Robert Mueller on America as special counsel?

Comey walks away from his congressional hearing with a $10 million book deal.  What could he possibly tell readers in a book that he hasn’t already said as head of the Take Down Trump posse?

Obama, who got away with fundamentally transforming a country that was always much better off without him,  scored a $65 million book deal.

We shouldn’t be reading the books of Comey and Obama but most gratefully closing the book on them and hoping any honest authorities left will book them for high crimes against America.

Now that the masses can see the Russian/Trump conspiracy for the hoax that it is, President Trump is now being accused of winning the November election by fake Twitter bots.

The 63 million who voted for Trump were swayed by a social media limited to 140 characters!

NY Daily News.

The billionaire GOP patron behind Trump’s social media bot army

A GOP donor who once had ties to IBM is the man behind the millions of Twitter bots President Trump counts on as followers who could be employed to target voters with misleading or fake news on social media.

In order for it to work, the scheme relies on the quiet guidance of Robert Mercer, a reclusive Republican mega-donor and staunch Trump supporter, sources told the Daily News.


Continued below...

Bots have dominated social media ever since it began.  Wouldn’t it have been easier to pick off the weak-minded, already brainwashed, ardent followers of MSM- managed fake news?

After all, they had them believing in all those fake polls that Hillary would win during the 2016 election campaign.

Who knew that the Trump campaign would be so expert with Twitter bots, that they could have them target only Republicans and Conservatives and that only they were susceptible?

It was data crunchers that helped Obama win reelection in 2012. (CNN, Nov. 8, 2012)

“President Obama’s campaign manager hired an analytics department five times as large as that of the 2008 operation.

  • “Senior Obama campaign data crunchers agreed to describe their cutting-edge efforts with TIME
  • “What they revealed was a massive data effort that helped Obama raise $1 billion
  • “They remade the process of targeting TV ads and created detailed models of swing-state voters 

“In late spring, the backroom number crunchers who powered Barack Obama’s campaign to victory noticed that George Clooney had an almost gravitational tug on West Coast females ages 40 to 49. The women were far and away the single demographic group most likely to hand over cash, for a chance to dine in Hollywood with Clooney — and Obama.

“So as they did with all the other data collected, stored and analyzed in the two-year drive for re-election, Obama’s top campaign aides decided to put this insight to use. They sought out an East Coast celebrity who had similar appeal among the same demographic, aiming to replicate the millions of dollars produced by the Clooney contest. 



“We were blessed with an overflowing menu of options, but we chose Sarah Jessica Parker,” explains a senior campaign adviser. And so the next Dinner with Barack contest was born: a chance to eat at Parker’s West Village brownstone.”

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According to the TwitterAudit 42% percent of Trump’s Twitter followers are fake.  Hillary’s followers are 52% fake. (as of this morning)

Some bots are more equal and energetic than others.

With the Russia/Trump collusion conspiracy now an epic fail, the lib-left are trying to ban President Trump from Twitter use.

But with 95 per cent of the MSM against him, Twitter is the only effective way of getting his message to the masses.

Meanwhile the hating for the sake of hatred will explore all avenues looking for ways to impeach President Trump, while all those who voted him in and those who approve of what he’s doing to pull America out of the swamp are praying daily: God protect Donald Trump and all members of his family.

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