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James Moore…Its Smack-down Time

By Doug Aldridge—— Bio and Archives--December 10, 2007

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The news item of the NDP Political Correctoid MP eating crow…make that a double-serving of crow, with all the trimmings…made my day.


There has never been a better example of the madness that is Political Correctness than the wild-eyed Warlock hunt launched by Nee-dipper Irene Mathysson.

Here’s James Moore, a healthy, slightly pudgy red-blooded heterosexual male.  A man who has made it in Canada, despite the fact he’s a man.  James is taking a breather at his commons seat, looking at some photo’s from his girlfriend some 2800 miles and three time zones away…but thanks to wireless internet only seconds apart.  So, here’s James Moore, a healthy 31 year old man…member of parliament…taking a personal moment in lonely old Ottawa.  So what does the O’ So Politically Correct Irene Mathysson do???

She tries to make James Moores, private family-type moment into something…DIRTY.

She accused Moore of looking at dirty pictures…”soft-porn” she called it…inside the Commons no less.  She made her accusations inside the House of Commons…and more importantly in the war on Political Correctoids…outside the House to a gaggle of drive-by media types.

She accused James Moore of Sexism, of looking at soft-core porn on-line…of being a part of the so-called Tory conspiracy against women and yada yada yada…same old crapola the Political left spew at the drop of a hat…and beats it to the floor crap.

I hope that’s exactly how she felt when she found out that she’d really stepped into a steaming pile of it.

James Moore has the option of taking Mathysson to court for her slander.

I am sure there are many in the Conservative camp urging him to be “the bigger man”…and let it go.

Not Me.  I hope James Moore takes this glorious opportunity to score a body blow to the Political Correctoids and all the tyrants who adhere to political correctness by playing the race card, the sex card, the language card.  Guess what Correctoids…the only card we see when we hear your drivel…is the Joker.

I remember James Moore as a young Reform Party Legislative Assistant about 10 years ago.  He was a regular at the eastern Ontario Reform Presidents’ meetings.  He was an innovator when it came to computers and communications strategies.  James had very good instincts.  He’s been a fine MP as transport critic and should have a place at cabinet in the next Harper government.

I can’t think of a better man to strike a blow to dismantle the creed of political correctness than James Moore.

Pick up the phone James…call your lawyer…take political correctness to court.


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