The rabbit hole is deep and there are scary, scary things down the John Brennan rabbit hole, most of which he does not want you to see

JB…John Brennan…a Company Man

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CIA Director John Brennan has been with The Company for almost 30 years despite a much talked about hiatus during the early years of the Obama Administration.  Many have speculated as to the whys of that separation.  I am here to tell you that it was not just to move to the private sector because he had his 25 years in; the story goes much deeper than that.


Director Brennan elected to leave The Company, a.k.a. the CIA, a.k.a. The Central Intelligence Agency, after 25 years because he was offered a deal he could not refuse.  JB, being a seasoned 25-year operative with The Company, was offered the opportunity to play in Washington, D.C., in 2006 by some very powerful people within the Democratic National Committee (DNC).  All JB had to do was do a little dance, shake his tail feathers, and get a little dirty.  Brennan was the right man for the job as he had an illustrious career based upon the fact that he had no trouble getting dirty. 

Brennan was going to be working in and around the DNC but not directly for them.  He was being funded by Barack Hussein Obama’s attorney, and the reason behind that was there were some things in Barack Obama’s past that needed some “cleansing”.  Mr. Bauer (Obama’s attorney) needed to clean up a few problems from Barry’s past, just a few minor issues that needed a little laundering, and JB was perfect for the job.  The DNC came into play, as they had the money and the power to help coordinate JB taking an early out at 25 years from his job with The Company and being offered a position as director under his early retirement/sabbatical to go to work for TAC, also known as “The Analyst Corporation”. 

In 2007, that is exactly what JB did.  He left the CIA and he went to work for TAC doing “analytical work”, also known as “cleaning”.  In return, he was offered the director’s chair for the last 5 years in order to give him an even 30 so that he could retire as a 30-year employee of The Company and reap the windfalls of retiring at that level.

There is much more to this tale, obviously, because what spy tale would be complete without some palace intrigue – the stabbing in the back of another CIA director, the blowing up of a reporter, the use of a femme fatale to take down a leader of an espionage agency, the torture, the drones, the waterboarding, and all of the other fun things that come from being in a position with the CIA?  Let’s face it; no one joins The Company to work long hours in Third World Countries that lack running water, have insects that are bigger than your fist, and do not have indoor plumbing.  People go to work for The Company so that they can be a spy, so that they can be JB, the baddest man in the land, and they can expose the threats to America with impunity, and, along the way, if they happen to derive pleasure from the misfortunate of others, so much the better.

During his career with the CIA, Brennan had his hands in almost everything, from being an analyst to being in the field.  At one point in his career, he was the daily intelligence briefer to President Bill Clinton.  In 1996, he was CIA’s station chief in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  In fact, Brennan was the station chief in Saudi Arabia during the Khobar Towers bombing, which killed 19 American servicemen. 

In 1999, JB wormed his way into the position of chief of staff to George Tenet, then director of the CIA.  Brennan became deputy executive director of the CIA.  He was director of the newly-created Terrorist Threat Integration Center from 2003 to 2004, an office that sifted through and compiled information for President Bush’s daily top secret intelligence briefings, and it employed the services of analysts from a dozen U. S. agencies and entities. 

There were some stumbles along the way, one of which was Brennan having made the decision to distribute intelligence to the Bush White House that led to an Orange Terror Alert over Christmas 2003.  The intelligence that purported to list targets was thought to be very controversial within The Company and, much to Brennan’s chagrin, was later discredited.  It is not denied that Brennan distributed the intelligence during the Bush Era, but Brennan alleges that he passed it on because it was his job, not that he was trying to undermine a Republican president despite his leftist-leaning tendencies.  JB’s last post within the intelligence community was as Director of the National Counterterrorism Center in 2004 and 2005, which incorporated information on terrorist activities across all U. S. agencies, but that was when Brennan left government service for a few years and became Chairman of the Intelligence and National Security Agency, INSA, and Chief Executive Officer of TAC, which has since been renamed Sotera Defense Solutions.  You say Sotera, I say Soetoro.  Let us question this whole thing.  

After a few years in the private sector working with Obama’s attorney, Mr. Bauer, scrubbing Mr. Obama’s past, JB returned to government service, where he was appointed President Obama’s Homeland Security Advisor on January 20, 2009.  On January 7, 2013, Brennan was nominated by President Barack Hussein Obama to become Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.  However, a lot of things happened during those years, a lot of things that people need to be aware of:  

  • In 2008, Brennan was reported to be the choice for director of the CIA but his name was withdrawn from consideration because of statements he had made in public in support of torture and the transfer of terrorism suspects to countries where extraordinary rendition was performed.  As a result of that, Obama appointed him to be his chief counterterrorism advisor, a position that did not require confirmation by a Senate subcommittee or the Senate.  
  • In August 2009, JB, ever a Company man, criticized some of the Bush Administration antiterrorism policies, stating that waterboarding had threatened national security because it increased the recruitment of terrorists and decreased the willingness of nations to cooperate with the U. S.  Yes, this flies in the face of his publicly-made statements in favor of torture and extraordinary rendition.  JB, if taken at his own words, is willing to play both sides of the fence in order to advance his own career.  JB also, at this time, described the Obama Administration’s focus as being on “extremists” and not on “jihadists”.  He said that using the second term means that someone is struggling for a holy goal, which is not accurate, as to say that is solely utilizing the Islamic apologist terminology in the Islamofascist way of explaining away their savagery.  
  • Brennan was also the first Obama official to throw himself on a grenade and publicly acknowledge CIA drone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, and elsewhere around the globe.  In a speech made in April 2012, JB argued that the United States has the legal, moral, and righteous duty to make those strikes.
  • In 2013, specifically, in early 2013, The Company Man was made Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Michael Hastings, a freelance reporter who oftentimes wrote for Rolling Stone Magazine, targeted high-profile people in political places and often got the inside story that no one else could.  At the time of Michael Hastings’ suspicious car crash and explosion, he was working on a story about CIA Director John Brennan.  Rolling Stone Magazine has confirmed that he was working on a story about John Brennan, as has Mr. Hastings’ widow, as have others who knew him.  San Diego Six News received an alarming email that had been hacked from a CIA contractor, Stratford Sir, belonging to their president, Fred Burton. 

The email was posted on WikiLeaks, and it alleged that then Obama Counterterrorism Czar Brennan was in charge of the government’s continued crackdown and witch hunt on investigative journalists.  The television station San Diego Six News submitted the email to the CIA and requested comment.  The spy agency responded almost immediately through their media spokesman.  The station received two different responses from Todd Ebitz.  The first one acknowledged that Hastings was indeed working on a story about the CIA, and the other simply said, “Without commenting on information disseminated by WikiLeaks, any suggestion that Director Brennan has ever attempted to infringe on Constitutionally-protected press freedoms is offensive and baseless.” 

Note that this does not state that Mr. Brennan was not involved in removing Mr. Hastings from his pursuit of the story nor his involvement in any other aspect of the removal of Mr. Hastings, nor does it indicate that he was not involved in any form of the orchestration of the suspicious circumstances with which Michael Hastings died while working on this story.  Please note that part of the release from Todd Ebitz stated, “Director Brennan has ever attempted to infringe on Constitutionally-protected press freedoms is offensive and baseless.”  This is a statement that is in reference to and deference to a man who was sworn in as CIA director not using a Bible because he has long been suspected of being a closet Muslim but using a copy of the Constitution of the United States of America, lacking the Bill of Rights, something that was referenced in the previous statement. 

It is interesting that CIA Director Brennan took his oath on the Constitution, lacking in the Bill of Rights specifically, which contains the First Amendment, the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press.  I am not saying that there is any direct cause and effect.  I am just saying that it is one more piece of evidence on the scale that makes The Company Man look even worse.  

It has long been said that John Brennan, CIA director, master spy, political chameleon, and potentially closet Muslim has been a practicing Muslim for a long, long time.  In 2010, JB extoled the beauty of Islam, and, as he spoke fluent Arabic, hoped for “Insha’Allah” again one day.   However, it is concerning that a senior member of the national security team who is now CIA director referred to the Capitol of Israel not as Jerusalem but as “Al Quds”.  Calling the Capitol of Israel anything other than Jerusalem is a slap in the face and complete disrespect to the American ally in the Middle East. 

Making this speech, Director Brennan fawned over Islam, negating the nature of Islamic terror and extoling the beauty and wonderment of Islam.  Our one-time Director of Counterintelligence and Terror, current CIA Director, somehow forgot about the continuance of violence in the Islamic culture that has occurred since 622 A.D., the time of Mohammed’s trip from Mecca to Medina, and apparently he believes that ISIS is celebrating Islam’s beauty by beheading people.  John Brennan has managed to downplay Islam every step of the way while denying that he is of Islamic faith despite his mastery of Arabic language.  John Brennan stated that the Obama Administration’s antiterrorism strategy is thus:  “Our strategy is shaped by a deeper understanding of Al Qaeda’s goals, strategy, and tactics that we have gained over the last decade.  I’m not talking about Al Qaeda’s grandiose vision of global domination through a violent Islamic caliphate.  That vision is absurd, and we are not going to organize our counterterrorist policies against a feckless delusion that’s never going to happen.”  

To that, I only have to respond with one term:  “ISIS”.  That notorious, savage, inbred Islamic caliphate-seeking hoard has swept through the Middle East at an ever-expanding rate, conquering all, beheading many, enslaving those they do not kill, and expanding their power while mocking John Brennan and Barack Hussein Obama via social media and other outlets.  They have thanked Obama, the CIA, and the Department of Defense for the helicopters, tanks, and other equipment that we left behind in Iraq.  They have made warranty requests for repairs on helicopters, tanks, and other equipment that was left behind in Iraq both formally and on Twitter and Facebook, and they have said that they appreciate the opportunity to use the weapons that we left behind for them against us in order to rain down blood in the streets of America.  One can assume that the counterintelligence policies that CIA Director Brennan and Barack Hussein Obama have put in place are more feckless and delusional than the terrorism plans that ISIS and Al Qaeda have put in place.

There are several other things that are disconcerting regarding CIA Director Brennan.  After all, we are talking about a Company Man who believes that he can do what he so desires at will and there is nothing that can be done about it.  Hence, he spied on Senate staffers as well as senators, not lowly state senators but the boys and girls who put on the big pants and spend the big money in Washington, D.C.  Then, when called before the Senate, he lied under oath to the same senators whom he spied on.  When it all came out, he apologized and said he was sorry.  JB seeks forgiveness from the Senate and the American people. 

Brennan is a spook.  He is going to lie, cheat, and steal no matter what.  He has over 25 years in and is a spook at 30.  He goes whichever way the wind blows, wherever the money is, and he is a hired gun.  What is worse about this scenario is that Obama demonstrated a willingness to keep a proven liar onboard at the highest level in his cabinet.  He has lied under oath while testifying before Congress.  These people should all be in shackles and marching off to Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary.  But there are other problems with Brennan as well.  In April, he snuck off to Russia

Did you hear about that in any of the State-run media in the United States?  No?  Of course not – it was not reported in the United States media.  Brennan exerted his pressure from his position as a spook and head of the CIA to fly off to Kiev and have meetings regarding the situation in the Ukraine. 

He did so under an assumed name and held a series of meetings with the country’s power block.  This was all reported by Interfax.  They cited numerous officials in the Ukraine parliament and, when pushed, it was finally admitted by former White House Speaker Jay Carney that CIA Director Brennan did go to Kiev to try some of that sweet Russian cheese and be Barack Obama’s little cheese rat in Kiev. 

The things that this administration gets away with are absolutely nauseating, up to and including things that are covered up here by Brennan and the CIA that do not come out in the State-run media but are leaked overseas, including State Department officials and CIA Chief Brennan being willing to be caught on open mikes saying things regarding Russia and the Ukraine, and what is going on over there that are not only disparaging but harmful to international relationships.  Everybody remember Victoria Nuland?  She was caught saying “Xxxx the EU”. 

Apparently this was in response to accusations that protests being funded in the EU against what is going on in the Ukraine by Russia are being funded by the United States and that the State Department is basically an extension of the Central Intelligence Agency under CIA Director Brennan.   

The case against Company Man Brennan is circumstantial regarding the murder of Michael Hastings and the takedown of General Petraeus in order to get him to vacate the seat that he was sitting in as CIA director that had been promised to JB.  Oh, remember the femme fatale and the intrigue? 

That had to do with David Petraeus and bringing him into the mix.  He had to be eliminated, and, thus, the introduction of the flirtatious biographer while he was in the field.  Anonymous sources have indicated that the art of compromise is The Company’s forte and no other entity of the world does it better than the CIA. 

No matter what experience one has, it always comes down to the thought that it cannot happen to me, and that always leads to the takedown of high-ranking military officials, and so it goes with many of them in Obama’s reign of terror.  Brennan was ready to come back. 

He needed Petraeus gone.  Petraeus was doing a good job and showed no signs of going anywhere, so Brennan and The Boys In The Company, who never quite trusted Petraeus because he was an outsider who did not come up through the ranks in The Company, put the screws to him by bringing in the female biographer, isolating Petraeus in the field, and then removing him from the position through rumor and innuendo and the emails that were planted in place, taking Petraeus out of the equation and any dissent from anyone else that might possibly come to his rescue. 

Was this part of the story that Michael Hastings was going to break?  You can rest assured that it was just a small part of it; there was much more according to sources. 

The rabbit hole is deep and there are scary, scary things down the John Brennan rabbit hole, most of which he does not want you to see.  If you choose to lift the lid and peer down the rabbit hole yourself, be careful, stay safe, and maybe hire the neighbor kid to start your car for a while.


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