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General Gonzo S. Patton, Commander Western Division USAThe Gonzo General is back in black and ready for the attack. It is time to take the hill of freedom, a never ending task. Alone, we go to the gallows, together we live free. Let us chase these tyrants from the hallowed halls.

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Political Black Ops: ‘Gay Bikers For Ebola’?

Oct 10, 2014 — General Gonzo S. Patton

The silly season is upon us and blood is already in the water.  The sharks are swarming, taking chunks out of the good, the bad and the ugly (commonly called politicians).  Due to the politics of race and class warfare being pushed by B. Hussein Obama, America stands on the precipice of civil war.  The “Ferguson” movement is a direct result of the rhetoric from our race baiting President and his minions; it is designed to polarize America, dividing the citizens, to keep the right and left fighting with one another.  Why would our government pursue such action?  To keep “We the people” from clearly seeing that the struggle is between the people and the government.  It is time that the people open their eyes, become active participants in liberty and the restoration of the Republic.

JB…John Brennan…a Company Man

Aug 23, 2014 — General Gonzo S. Patton

CIA Director John Brennan has been with The Company for almost 30 years despite a much talked about hiatus during the early years of the Obama Administration.  Many have speculated as to the whys of that separation.  I am here to tell you that it was not just to move to the private sector because he had his 25 years in; the story goes much deeper than that.

Go Ahead, It’s A Free Country

Jun 17, 2014 — General Gonzo S. Patton

“Go ahead, it’s a free country.” Thirty years ago that phrase was uttered all the time across the United States by people of all political persuasions in a sarcastic manner to other people when someone asked, “Hey, do you mind if I do ........?”