Meanwhile, until you wean Falsie Acosta from whining, CFP is providing a soother

Jim Acosta: Until Sanders Can Wean Him From Whining, a Soother Might Do

By —— Bio and Archives--May 14, 2018

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Jim Acosta: Until Sanders Can Wean Him From Whining, a Soother Might Do
White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is winning the battle of Weaning From Whining that never-ending boo-hooing Jim Acosta, over at CNN, ‘Home of the Flagrant Falsies’.

Sanders gave millions of deplorables a special Mother’s Day gift this year, a gift destined to keep on giving after lampooning Mrs. Acosta’s little boy Jimmy with hilarious humor.

The down-to-earth, always-steady-on-her-feet Sanders says dealing with her small children has helped her deal with CNN’s Jim Acosta.


“While White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders cherishes her role as a mother to three children 6 years and under, she doesn’t shy away from the fact that there are difficult motherhood days – similar to dealing with CNN’s Jim Acosta. (foxnews.com, May 13, 2018)

“Both of them whine pretty regularly. They both like to ask the same questions and sometimes their tone needs to be adjusted a little bit. So I think that having kids has prepared me for the job that I have right now,” Sanders responded to the Daily Caller question: “What’s more difficult: Dealing with your children on an onerous day or dealing with [CNN reporter] Jim Acosta?”

“In all seriousness, I think that having kids is great preparation for anything – especially a job you need patience for and they have certainly prepared me for this one,” said Sanders, in the Mother’s Day interview that also included White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway and White House Strategic Communications Director Mercedes Schlapp.

“The 35-year-old Sanders also expressed gratitude that her children are still too young to read “some of the negative stories that exist out there,” and that she tries to protect them from such backlash as much as possible – while offering some words of wisdom for other working moms.

“I try to make sure I’m very intentional with the time that I have with my kids,” Sanders continued. “I’m gonna miss some of the moments, but the ones that I do have, I really try to focus on them, put my phone aside, block out some of the stress of work and really focus my time and attention on what they want to talk about and really zero in on them.”

Sander’s lampooning cry baby Acosta with humor on Mother’s Day couldn’t have come at a better time.

People are speaking out about how they’re getting fed up with politics—especially the kind being played by the fakers presenting the “news” in the Fake Media of the day.

They’re tired of media giving all the limelight to a porn queen on an almost daily basis; tired of watching the antics of an FBI gone rogue;  tired of a Rod Rosenstein-appointed special counsel looking for a crime—any crime—to pin on President Donald Trump and his supporters, knowing it was all pre-arranged by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

People are fed up with social media giant Facebook claiming it is going to be “monitoring” the news by going after flagrant falsies when they really mean suppressing Conservative news sites.

People are saying, “Enough is enough already!”

CNN doesn’t seem to know that falsies running rampant in news rooms risk the same embarrassing outcomes as the ones experienced by the teenagers of my day when mothers stuffed the bodices of second-hand dresses too big for their daughters’ bosoms to fill at their first proms: falling out when you least expected them to.  In my case the young militia date spared me total embarrassment when he deftly picked up and pocketed one of my falsies from the ballroom floor at a long ago military prom.

Big whiner that he is, Acosta isn’t CNN’s only falsie, just its most incessant one.  In politically correct terms, falsies can be male, female, or anything in between, matching the inclusive characters of the day. 

A little levity can go a long way in a day when reporters in the White House Press Corps. are zooming in for the Trump Kill like starving buzzards to carrion.

Think of how circumspect Jim Acosta might have to become if every time he’s spotted in public, someone would simply shout: “HEY, FALSIE!

Surely then the noise of whining would soon be replaced by the sound of running footsteps.

Working Mom Sanders has got it all over Acosta because she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

“And as much as the prominent White House figure values working with the Trump administration, she emphasized that it was not the most crucial role in her life. (foxnews.com)

“I love my job. It’s an honor to work for the president, but there are a lot of people that have had this job before and there are a lot of people who are going to have it after,” Sanders added. “The most important, influential job I have is being a mom. There are a number of people who can do the job I have. Only one person can be the mom to my kids. So that’s certainly the most important and influential role I’ll ever have. I’m trying hard not to screw it up.”

You never will, Ms. Sanders and your children are truly blessed to have a mother like you.

Meanwhile, until you wean Falsie Acosta from whining, CFP is providing a soother.


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