A costly carbon tax, politicized regulatory reviews, open-ended consultation. How is that working out so far? How about a big goose egg?

Joe Oliver: Canadians will suffer the punishment for Trudeau's egregious Energy East failure

By -- Financial Post—— Bio and Archives--October 6, 2017

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The prime minister has managed to undermine the environment, the economy, progressive values and national unity, all in one fell swoop. That would be an impressive accomplishment were it not so damaging to the country.

TransCanada Corporation had little choice but to abandon the Energy East pipeline expansion after the National Energy Board (NEB) irresponsibly expanded the scope of its review to encompass upstream and downstream greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The attendant delay, cost and risk had rendered the project uneconomic. Since that was predictable, it raises uncomfortable questions about Canada’s pipeline and energy development regulator. Did the NEB somehow not understand the likely consequences of its new policy or had its political independence been compromised? Either way, it acted contrary to its national interest mandate.—More…


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