Di Blasio’s an elected official whose wife is all for legalizing marijuana. Prime Minister Trudeau is an elected official who is nationalizing the drug in all of Canada on October 17

Justin Trudeau de Blasio’s Go-to Guy for Marijuana Legalization?

By —— Bio and Archives--July 8, 2018

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Justin Trudeau de Blasio’s Go-to Guy for Marijuana Legalization?
Though mainstream media attention was riveted on New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s pricey plane ride getting him back to New York from Quebec, mid-holiday for the street renaming for NYPD Detective Miosotis Familia on the $3 million NYPD counterterrorism plane on Thursday, and though there are no media reports of his having met privately with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, was discussion of legalized marijuana the lure for the de Blasio’s family vacation in Quebec in the midst of a deadly Heat Wave this week?

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Just asking.

de Blasio’s wife, First Lady Chirlane McCray wants weed legalized in the Big Apple, which plans to stop arresting people for smoking pot in public this September.

Trudeau announced that marijuana will be legalized nationally on October 17, as Canada becomes the second county in the world to legalize the drug after Uruguay.

When it comes to legalization of marijuana, Prime Minister Trudeau would certainly be the go-to guy.

“New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday that the New York Police Department will stop arresting people later this year for smoking marijuana in public. (CNN,  May 21, 2018)

“Starting Sept. 1, people with no criminal record will receive a ticket instead of being arrested for lighting up publicly, according to de Blasio, who first hinted at the policy change last month. The Democrat estimated that the move will result in 10,000 fewer arrests over the next year.

“We know there is a bigger discussion happening across the nation and at the state level on legalization of marijuana,” de Blasio tweeted. “But until that debate is resolved, we’re doing what we can to make our city safer and fairer to all New Yorkers.”

In advocating the legalization of marijuana, First Lady McCray is doing it for individuals disciplined or punished for toking.

Trudeau is doing it for the children:

Earlier this year, New York City’s First Lady Chirlane McCray revealed that she supports marijuana legalization because she does not believe individuals should be disciplined or punished for using it, but she warned that “it should be highly regulated” and that individuals see it as a “cash cow.” (NY Daily News, April 5, 2018)

In Canada drug dealers have been seeing marijuana as a cash cow, and some folk are wondering if that’s how the government now sees it.

Mayor de Blasio may not be ready to support legalizing marijuana — but his wife, Chirlane McCray, is.

“I believe we should legalize it because I don’t think people should be penalized and punished for using it,” McCray said during a radio appearance on Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” with de Blasio that aired Thursday morning. “But I think it should be highly regulated. I think what’s happening is people see it as a cash cow.”

“McCray said she was concerned about the sale of edible marijuana in the form of candy and other things attractive to kids — and, counter to what many advocates for legalizing marijuana say, noted she did believe it could be a gateway drug and addictive.

“I’ve spoken to the addiction experts. Anything can be a gateway drug — glue, all kinds of inhalants, anything can be a gateway drug,” she said, adding that vulnerable young people could be “very susceptible to being hooked on this and I know — I lived through it.”

“Asked whether she’d had substance abuse issues, McCray said “absolutely.”

“I loved marijuana as a young person, and I know that it can be difficult to stop using. I know that,” she said.



“While McCray supported legalization with strict regulations, de Blasio said he wasn’t quite there yet — and wanted to see outcomes in states that legalized it.

“You could definitely make the argument for why the current situation’s ridiculous, but it does not mean legalization like suddenly makes the world a perfect place,” de Blasio said.

“McCray will travel to New Hampshire on Friday, the mayor’s office announced hours after the radio interview of the duo aired, to discuss the city’s approaches to ending opioid abuse and see efforts to do the same in Manchester and Nashua.

“Earlier this year, McCray confirmed she’s considering running for office herself in 2021 — though she has yet to say which one has caught her eye.”

With the launch of ThriveNYC two years ago, we set out to change the culture around mental health and deliver services where people live, learn, work and worship,” said First Lady Chirlane McCray, who spearheads ThriveNYC (With 54 initiatives backed by an $850 million investment over the first four years). “Mental illness and substance misuse are common—one in five people suffer from some kind of challenge, but do not get the help they need because of stigma or because they have difficulty finding appropriate services. Although we have received a great deal of positive feedback for ThriveNYC’s public health approach, our work has just begun. We are committed to building a culturally competent mental health system that meets the needs of all New Yorkers.”  (NYCity.gov)

From the NY Post;


“Chirlane McCray said Thursday that she “loved marijuana” when she was younger and that she backed legalizing weed — putting her at odds with her more uptight hubby, Mayor de Blasio.

“I believe we should legalize it,” she said on “The Breakfast Club” on radio station Power 105.

“There’s a lot of money that’s going in someone else’s pocket. I don’t think people should be penalized and punished for using it, but I think it should be highly regulated,” she said, apparently referring to profits made by pot dealers and the legal marijuana industry.

“McCray said she that stringent regulations were needed to make sure that young people don’t have easy access to legal pot.

“I loved marijuana when I was a young person and I know it can be difficult to stop using,” she said, adding that New York “needs to think about how we can legalize it, but make it less accessible” to young people.

“Hizzoner does not support legalizing marijuana, but slammed Attorney General Jeff Sessions — an anti-pot zealot — for threatening to crack down on states that have legalized recreational marijuana, accusing him of having a “vendetta against legalized marijuana.”

“He repeated his opposition Thursday.

“I’m not there yet,” he said, adding that he wanted to see how legal weed works out in other states that have legalized it.

“It’s not that legalization makes the world a perfect place,” he added.”

Di Blasio’s an elected official whose wife is all for legalizing marijuana.  Prime Minister Trudeau is an elected official who is nationalizing the drug in all of Canada on October 17.

Meanwhile, there will be lots for the de Blasio’s and Trudeau to talk about and the de Blasio’s will be in Quebec until Monday.


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