While they praise and pay hideous homage to the false god of Marxism, millions in the masses will be praising the true Prince of Peace as usual this Palm Sunday

Keep the Contagious Despair of the Democrats from becoming a Pandemic

By —— Bio and Archives--March 24, 2018

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Keep the Contagious Despair of the Democrats from becoming a Pandemic
President Donald Trump signed the outrageous Omnibus Bill yesterday but the sun still came up this morning.

The shock of Trump signing a bill he had said he’d veto only hours before is already wearing off. If folk could survive eight years of Barack Hussein Obama and his grotesque mission of Fundamentally Transforming America, they can survive anything the progressive left throws at them, including having the president they love to hate signing off on their latest wanton spending spree.


What’s that you say?

CNN has joined Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in the Dance called ‘Gloating Over the Omnibus Bill’?

Pelosi’s dancing right off the stage all the way into a an apparent dementia that started long before passage of the Bill.  Sad truth for Granny Nancy is that no one other than her family will give her a second thought when she has to be taken into care.

At 67 years of age, big-talking Schumer is being stalked by the same enemy the rest of cannot avoid: Father Time.

Most comically of all Hillary Rodham Clinton,  Barack and Michelle Obama, the same politicians who gave the mainstream and social media their sway over the masses, have now been totally upstaged by porn star Stormy Daniels, courtesy of the same media.

Comedy of the year runner-up is Michelle Obama now admitting that her White House Garden was only a subversive act for mainly this reason: “You can’t go in with guns blazing until people trust you”.

“Instead of just saying up front and outright that she wanted socialism, she came gently, proffering a basket of healthy vegetables to the trusting American people as bait before presumably moving on to her real agenda.” (Monica Showalter, American Thinker, March 23, 2018)

People caught on to Michelle’s subversive garden like they caught onto her and hubby’s activism, the stench of manure giving them both away.

What to do now that the Conservative Voice is being suppressed by a runaway FaceBook, which has morphed into what Mark Zuckerberg envisions as the world’s biggest news site, rather than just another social platform.?

Facebook suppression hasn’t stopped you from reading this column.

The Omnibus Bill enriched Planned Parenthood by 500 million taxpayer dollars,  meaning that the Democrat road is paved with the corpses of aborted babies.  We all know where that road is taking them.

Without Democrat funding Planned Parenthood, a thriving business only from taxpayers dollars would be financially as well as morally bankrupt.

And as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, , Vice President Mike Pence is right when he says abortion will be made illegal again—within our lifetime.

With their self-serving Omnibus Bill, the Democrats and their loyal running dog RINOs wanted to leave the masses in the blackest despair when they signed the bill before running out of Dodge.

Do you know any Christian family not planning on showing up for church on Palm Sunday tomorrow?

Do you know any parents who will not set out their children’s Easter baskets next Sunday?

Despair only comes to those whose dark souls keep out all light.  It is the Democrats, rather than the masses, who are in despair.

In despair rand dementia they will continue to go after Donald Trump and his supporters and continue to count on special counsel head honcho Robert Mueller 111 to come up with the motherlode to guarantee his impeachment.

For the rest of us the ointment used for yesterday’s unexpected snake bite on our butts, the swelling’s already going down.

Their gloating notwithstanding the progressive-left stage is playing to an empty theatre.

While they praise and pay hideous homage to the false god of Marxism, millions in the masses will be praising the true Prince of Peace as usual this Palm Sunday.

We now know now that no matter what they do, even if successful at ridding the Western World of Donald Trump which is about as likely as their ever owning up to the money-making hoax of global warming, the sun will STILL come up the day after.


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