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Brussels-style attack by three men on Istanbul airport that left up to 50 dead and 147 injured


By —— Bio and Archives--June 28, 2016

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Death of a suicide bomber: Moment hero cop moves in to finish terrorist - before fleeing for his life - in Brussels-style attack by three men on Istanbul airport that left up to 50 dead and 147 injured

Three suicide bombers have launched a ‘major, co-ordinated’ attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, spraying bullets into crowds of terrified passengers and security personnel before blowing themselves up, injuring more than 140 people and leaving a death toll expected to rise to 50.

Eyewitnesses described the moment a hero policeman shot down one of the suicide bombers before he was able to detonate his explosives, giving holidaymakers a chance to escape and saving countless lives.

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Turkey airport attack: 28 killed in explosions at Istanbul Atatürk
Police opened fire on two suspects who then blew themselves up outside security checkpoint at international terminal, Turkish officials say


Istanbul airport explosions: 28 dead, 60 injured, Turkish official says

—At least 28 people have been killed and 60 others wounded in the attack on Istanbul Ataturk Airport in Turkey, Istanbul Gov. Vasip Sahin told Turkey’s state-run news agency TRT. It is unclear if the total includes the bombers. Another report, from semi-official news agency Anadolu, said six of the wounded are in critical condition. A total of 49 ambulances were sent to the site.

—Turkey’s Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag earlier said at least 10 people were killed and 20 others injured. The suicide bombers were also killed. Bozdag said one attacker “first opened fire with a Kalashnikov then detonated himself” at the airport entrance.


Three suicide bombers kill at least 28 and wound 60 detonating explosive vests in Istanbul airport as hero policeman ‘wrestled one bomber to ground’ in Brussels-style attack

Three suicide bombers have killed at least 28 and wounded 60 in a ‘major, co-ordinated’ attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, opening fire with AK-47s and sparking a shoot-out with security personnel before blowing themselves up. 

Eyewitnesses have told how a hero policeman wrestled a suicide bomber to the ground just seconds before he detonated his explosives at the entrance to the airport’s international arrivals terminal.




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