The stench emanating from Clinton and Obama is getting closer every day. America, brace yourself

Laughing at Gays Hurled to Death by ISIS, THAT’S Who Hillary Clinton Really Is

By —— Bio and Archives--October 20, 2016

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Millions got to see it with their very own eyes during last night’s last presidential debate: Hillary Clinton laughing at the prospect of ISIS hurling gays to their deaths off of high buildings.

As sure as the written work of her late mentor Saul Alinsky was dedicated to Lucifer, as certain as the sun setting over a not so long ago noble America, it happened.

There was no mistaking it. No room for alibis or excuses.  It really happened.  Somewhat surrealistically, Fox News’ monitor Chris Wallace, patently ignored her laugh, proving that as far as these lib-left media debate monitors are concerned, the show must go on.

When Donald J. Trump brought up how her Middle East donors throw gays off of buildings to their death, The Woman Who Would Be President, flashed the most evil of smiles ever seen before outright laughing.

If you missed it last night, and have the stomach for it today,  here is the clip.


The real Hillary stepped out of Satan’s shadows last night, showing the televised world just what America is up against.

Convinced her presidency is in the bag; convinced the media has firmly slammed the door shut against any and all opponents, she couldn’t control her smiles and laughs anymore than she could keep the fly from landing on her face at the October 9th presidential debate.

Hillary Clinton who laughed all the way to the bank; who laughed all the way through escaping justice for the 33,000 deleted emails that compromised the security of her own country; who laughed all the way through criticism of her pay-to-play “charitable” foundation that left the poverty-stricken people of Haiti in the lurch,  is laughing her way back into the kind of power that will break the back of America.

Reaction to the most evil smile ever seen on national television and her cackling laughter over how ISIS disposes of gays, was swift.:

“Is that something to LAUGH about, Hillary?


“She’s a sick, sick woman.” (Truthfeed)

Clinton was no doubt buoyed by an email her mentor President Barack Obama sent out within hours of the last presidential debate.

It stinks to high heaven that Obama—a man who to the present day still hides all information about what must be a shady past—gets to use the power of the presidential office to criticize a private citizen running for president.

Obama glommed onto the opportunity of the last presidential debate to raise money for his protégé Hillary Clinton, using the occasion to call her Republican opponent Donald Trump “simply unfit” for the office.

“Will you chip in $3 or more before midnight,” he asked in carny barker fashion in an email sent out to all.

Weighing in on the presidential debate before it even got underway, he pontificated from the Ivory Tower known as the White House:

“One candidate is simply unfit and unprepared for the office. He likes to talk tough, but he’s spent most of the last week refusing to take responsibility for his actions and complaining to the refs.

“The other is the most qualified person to run for the presidency.

“I’m all in to elect my friend Hillary Clinton. She needs your help right now, too.

“Tonight is the final debate of this campaign. Every supporter who steps up before then joins the official record of Final Debate Donors, the folks standing shoulder to shoulder with Hillary when it matters most.

“Hillary’s one of the smartest, toughest, best-prepared, most experienced people ever to run for this job. As First Lady, as a U.S. Senator, and as my Secretary of State, she’s spent every day fighting for justice, equality, and the belief that everybody deserves a fair shake. She never ever quits.

“That’s who she is.”

Everybody deserves a “fair shake” in Hillary’s book other than babies in the womb and gays.

“This debate isn’t just about who wins on November 8th. It’s a showdown between the politics of fear and blame and the hope and optimism that make America the greatest nation on Earth.”

Obama has spent the last eight years of his life globe-trotting the world to put America down.

Now that his handpicked replacement is running to give him an unearned third term in office, he FINALLY admits that—only because of the false “hope” and “optimism” of himself and Hillary Clinton America is “the greatest nation on earth”.

Taking advantage of his presidential office stinks more than the foul-smelling human waste dumped onto the street and down a storm drain by the Clinton ‘Forward Together’ campaign bus in Lawrenceville, Georgia on Tuesday.

The stench emanating from Clinton and Obama is getting closer every day.

America, brace yourself.



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