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By -- Dennis Fitzgerald—— Bio and Archives--January 24, 2018

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The players of TV fiction were prominent at the recent Golden Globes telling of the world of harassment and abuse, previously perversely referred to as the casting couch. This was not new but only now were so many brave enough to speak up.

Sports players, many of the NFL’s best, spoke up against the number of people in their communities being killed and that all lives mattered. The reluctance to stand for the flag was concerning but it did get the message out there.

Soon there are two major events that will be seen worldwide, the Oscars in March and the Super Bowl early in February. Both show the best in their fields of endeavour and although the black arm band approach has been criticized the messages must get out there.

These are people that are loved, respected and looked up to and hero worship is wonderful for some but it also comes with an opportunity, and realistically a responsibility, to be a positive role model. The basis of real freedom is the opportunity to tell the truth even when not everyone wants to hear it.

If only the politicians would tell, hear and accept the truth. Let’s listen to what we should be hearing.

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