Are sexual harassment accusations coming President Trump’s way as the over-the-top weapon to get him impeached? Count on it.

Lib-left Working on Framing Trump as a Lecher

By —— Bio and Archives--November 23, 2017

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Lib-left Working on Framing Trump as a Lecher
Ever wonder why the lib-left world has lurched itself, full bore into lechery, suddenly outing all the alleged sexual predators among their midst?

It was Hollywood’s 20-year-later outing of Horrid Harvey Weinstein that opened the floodgates exposing the innumerable lechers in today’s amoral society.

Leaking out the on-the-job sexual harassment behavior of leches has become the news of the day, virtually dominating the headlines.

People were naturally both disgusted and shocked to learn that longtime journalist Charlie Rose, suspended then fired by CBS and PBS, allegedly walked around naked in front of female employees after showering.

Curious behavior for an 75 year old.

But not so much shock registered about the “credible” allegations of sexual harassment on Capitol Hill of senators openly exposing themselves right on the House Floor.
According to three female Democrat politicians, settling sexual harassment accusation cases on the QT has already cost American taxpayers some $17 million over the last 10 to 15 years.

Who will lechery accusations strike next?

It’s looking very much like President Donald Trump.

You can see it coming in the headline of Time.com: ‘Sexual Misconduct Allegations Are Topping Powerful Men, So Why Not Trump?”

“Sexual Misconduct Allegations Are Topping Powerful Men, So Why Not Trump?”

The president should be thrown gratuitously in on the offending “Powerful Men List”?

The article is an eye opener on how far the mainstream media will go to have Trump removed from office:

“You can do anything,” Donald Trump once boasted, speaking of groping and kissing unsuspecting women. (TIME, Nov. 18, 2017)

“Maybe he could, but not everyone can.

“The candidate who openly bragged about grabbing women’s private parts — but denied he really did so — was elected president months before the cascading sexual harassment allegations that have been toppling the careers of powerful men in Hollywood, business, the media and politics. He won even though more than a dozen women accused him of sexual misconduct, and roughly half of all voters said they were bothered by his treatment of women, according to exit polls.”


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Weren’t these the same polls that predicted Hillary Clinton as the guaranteed winner?

“Now, as one prominent figure after another takes a dive, the question remains: Why not Trump?”  (Time)

That “the candidate”  who later apologized for what he called “locker room talk’  supposedly was elected president months BEFORE the cascading sexual harassment allegations which have been toppling the careers of powerful men in Hollywood, business, the media and politics is an interesting take, leaving some to ponder if the outed alleged sexual harassers did not serve some other political purpose.

“A lot of people who voted for him recognized that he was what he was, but wanted a change and so they were willing to go along,” theorizes Jessica Leeds, one of the first women to step forward and accuse Trump of groping her, decades ago on an airplane. (Time)

“The charges leveled against him emerged in the supercharged thick of the 2016 campaign, when there was so much noise and chaos that they were just another episode for gobsmacked voters to try to absorb — or tune out. “When you have a Mount Everest of allegations, any particular allegation is very hard to get traction on,” says political psychologist Stanley Renshon.

“And Trump’s unconventional candidacy created an entirely different set of rules.

“Trump is immune to the laws of political physics because it’s not his job to be a politician, it’s his job to burn down the system,” says Eric Dezenhall, a crisis management expert in Washington.


“As for Trump, the president who rarely sits out a feeding frenzy is selectively aiming his Twitter guns at those under scrutiny.

“He quickly unloaded on Democrat Al Franken after the Minnesota senator was accused Thursday of forcibly kissing and groping a Fox TV sports correspondent, now a Los Angeles radio anchor, during a 2006 USO tour.”

Some would call Franken forcing his tongue in her mouth “forcible kissing”.

Time continues its ant-Trump hit list:

“…Trump’s base likes him when he’s gratuitously ornery: Insulting war heroes, Gold Star families and the disabled have all been good for him, so what does he gain by strongly opining on Moore?” asks Dezenhall. “Nothing that I can see, so as a guideline, he doesn’t need to do all that much.”

Has the treacherous MSM been parading its bevy of lechers in order to make Trump the biggest lecher of them all?


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Will Weinstein and Kevin Spacey emerge from their $35G-a-month rehabilitation to go on a lecture tour lecturing powerful men who NEVER sexually harassed women about not sexually harassing women, while President Trump will be impeached for ginned up sexual harassment charges?

Is Democrat lawyer Gloria Allred already rehearsing Trump’s sexual harassment victims?

Remember Trump would-be impeachers put one million women yelling “misogynist!” on city streets the first day after his inauguration; the same malcontents who let overriding hatred give America’s 45th a personality transplant before he was even elected with some of their colleagues making him appear to be Hitler or Charles Manson.

Are sexual harassment accusations coming President Trump’s way as the over-the-top weapon to get him impeached?

Count on it.

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