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Liberalism Is A Gallon of Gas And A Book Of Matches

By Ted Nugent—— Bio and Archives--May 6, 2015

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I don’t condone it, in fact I condemn it. But I sure as hell understand it.


The underlying reason for the mayhem that recently erupted in Baltimore and Ferguson wasn’t the result of police brutality against Freddie Gray or Michael Brown. Those instances merely served as sparks to ignite the growing powder kegs of decades old frustration, disillusionment and anger, which could very well spread across the country and create a long, hot summer. The mantra of the rioters:  burn this # down.

Most of the protestors are intoxicated on excuse making and far too stupid to understand what # they are referring to when they set fire to their own communities and destroy what few small businesses remain.

Daily Caller…


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