Liberals and the lowering of the bar

By -- Michael Chandler—— Bio and Archives--July 18, 2017

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The problem I have had and still do have with many liberal plans is that they lower the bar for everyone. Education has lowered the bar so that they get higher passing rates. Youth sports awards everyone for participation. Schools are discontinuing valedictorians. In many businesses-notably government-raises are given automatically, not on merit.

What really frightens me is the clamor for “Medicaid for all”. This is another plan to level the playing field and it will result in a lower quality of care across the board. Ask patients who are currently on medicaid and see if you are willing to receive that level of care. Ask Doctors and hospitals how their care will change.

All the talk about giving everyone quality healthcare begs the question, what quality is the goal? That of Presidents and Congressmen? That of company provided for CEOs? As long as there are some people on private plans, coverage cannot and will not be equal. But for the average American in an effort to create equality, the bar will be lowered. Quality will be lost.

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Guest Column -- Michael Chandler -- Bio and Archives | Comments

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