Little wonder why global warming advocates want global warming deniers imprisoned

Lies Mother Nature never told us

By —— Bio and Archives--February 15, 2008

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  A recently “leaked” UN report charging that C02 emissions from the shipping industry is three times higher than previously thought, proves the inconvenient lies emanating from the world’s largest bureaucracy when it comes to global warming.

  Last time the UN fingered the most significant greenhouse gas culprit it was the cows and sheep in the pasture.

  Ludicrous lies on global warming (aka climate change) from the UN are reaching an all time high.

Lie number one comes from the demonizing of C02 as a pollutant. Co2, which the entire global warming theory is based on, is not a pollutant.

  “Attempts to maintain the focus against C02, a colourless, odourless benign gas essential for plant photosynthesis, have become truly ludicrous,” Dr. Tim Ball wrote in his Canada Free Press (CFP) column last moth.  “Incredibly, C02 is branded by many as a `pollutant’—the continual references of Al Gore and Senator Barbara Boxer to “global warming pollution” are prime examples—and some governments have even labeled C02 as a toxic substance.”

“In scientific circles, C02 is referred to as a `trace gas’ that, for hundreds of thousands of years, has remained at or below five ten-thousandths of the atmosphere by volume.  Even among the so-called `greenhouse gases’ (GHG), C02 accounts for less than 4%, with water vapour being by far the most significant GHG.  C02 is clearly a miniscule component of the massive mechanisms that create climate and cause climate change.”

Lie number two relies on mankind believing that a non-toxic agent (C02) is man-made and that it will destroy Earth as we know it within our lifetime.

If these two deceits weren’t audacious enough, the UN now wants the masses to believe that the true scale of climate change emissions from shipping is almost three times higher than previously believed.

“It calculates that annual emissions from the world’s merchant fleet have already reached 1.12bn tones of C02, or nearly 4.5% of all global emissions of the main greenhouse gas.” (The Guardian, Feb. 13, 2008).

Odd when you consider that UN poster boy Maurice Strong, an architect of the Kyoto Protocol, is a former CEO of Canada’s largest shipping company, Canada Steamship Lines (CSL).

Although CSL is privately held and therefore not required to publicly disclose its financial records, CanWest News reported in early 2003 that CSL controlled assets worth upwards of $693 million and had annual revenues of $283 million.

The company owned by the family of former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, a former Strong employee, operates a fleet of self-unloading bulk carrier ships on the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence.  Its parent company—CSL Group Inc.—is headquartered in Montreal, and operates offices in Halifax, Winnipeg, Burlington, Boston, Singapore and Sydney, Australia.  The company operates 37 bulk carriers across the world under the banner of Canada Steamship Lines and CSL International based in Massachusetts.  According to company literature, it’s “the largest fleet of dry bulk self-unloading vessels in the world.”
  These conflicts of interest in the world of UN-propped Maurice Strong/ Al Gore global warming don’t stop there.

Strong is on the board of directors of the Chicago Climate Exchange, Wikipedia-described as “the world’s first and North America’s only legally binding greenhouse gas emission registry reduction system for emission sources and offset projects in North America and Brazil.”

Gore buys his carbon off-sets from himself—the Generation Investment Management LLP, “ an independent, private, owner-managed partnership established in 2004 with offices in London and Washington, D.C., of which he is both chairman and founding partner.

Is it any wonder why these alarmists say that man-made global warming won’t be halted until earth, as we know it is utterly destroyed?

Even in the middle of one of the worst winters in decades, there are some people who truly need the mainstream media to keep reporting on the horrors of man-made global warming/climate change.

Little wonder why global warming advocates want global warming deniers imprisoned.


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