Everybody’s a Racist!: Welcome to the ‘Era of EAR’ where branding innocent citizens as racists is an unremovable BHO tattoo

Living in The ‘Era of EAR’

By —— Bio and Archives--April 28, 2014

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The Year 2014 is climaxing as the ‘Era of EAR’ (Everybody’s a Racist!)


EAR is here—and was here long before the New York Times came along to even the playing field for the gun-toting Bureau of Land Management (BLM) against rabble rouser Rancher Cliven Bundy.

Everybody’s a racist and that’s the way it will stay as long as President Barack Obama’s in office.  So long as everybody’s a racist, there will be no need for the administration to ever do the right thing.

If you reached the plateau of power and had such a convenient tool as robot- racist branding, wouldn’t you cling to that Marxist magic?

Qualifying as a racist has never been so easy.  You don’t have to sign up for membership as you do down at the local lending library, you just have to be against NSA spying, IRS intimidation; be pro-Constitution, pro-America or stubbornly anti-ObamaCare.

If you stand for liberty and freedom,  individual rights or anything else that made America what it was until January, 2009, you are an out and out racist.  The reverends Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson;  Oprah Winfrey, Hollywood stars, Obama czars or the New York Times will get you.  They will leave your opinions lifeless of passion to lie in your cold dead hands,  claiming you never had them in the first place.

Those who dare raising a dissenting voice against Big Government are branded more painfully than any of Bundy’s cows.  Cows will get up and nosh the nearest blade of grass right after their branding.  Racists branded as such dare not struggle feebly to their God-given feet when they know the intention is to gag them for all time. 

So how do you know whether you are earmarked by EAR?  Easy.  Only the lemmings of the Brave New World will never be branded racist.  Lemmings answer to the clarion call of “Free Stuff” and nevah, evah criticize the policies of the current White House regime.

It’s not only the big-talking BLM riding roughshod over hardworking ranchers with branding irons at the ready.  There are the aforementioned Sharpton, Jackson, Winfrey, the stars and czars. 

There are too many ways to count when branding citizens as racists.  Church goers, other than those who bow with Al Gore to the religion known as Global Warming, are easily identifiable racists.

People who believe in the sanctity of life?  Same thing.

Anybody who owns a gun, thinks about owning a gun, spells the word gun, draws a gun, eats a sandwich in the shape of a gun or uses a finger as a gun is a blankety-blank racist.  And it’s no excuse if you’re only 5-years-old.

Carrying Old Glory, wearing a flag, saluting the flag or honouring a flag makes you a likely racist suffering from a bad case of patriotism.

The ‘Era of EAR’ will claim more victims than any strain of the flu.  By government rule or executive order, there will be no inoculation or antidote against it.

Welcome to the ‘Era of EAR’ where branding innocent citizens as racists is an unremovable BHO tattoo.


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