Our country is being chewed up by the left that is planted firmly in the center of our cyber-dependence.

Unsuspecting, comfy America asleep on the coach while being chewed up by the prog/left

By —— Bio and Archives--September 5, 2017

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I think the biggest challenge for me today is the contrast I carry in my heart and mind of a better world we left behind. Proponents of our downfall, either wittingly or unwittingly, will adamantly fight against the notion that times or people were ever any ‘better’ than they are today. But indeed both were. Since such a huge crowd of people today ‘live’ vicariously by internalizing hours of imaginary garbage fed to them on a droning tv set, many have lost the reality of the contrast of the good things we have left behind us. And the blurring of that has been diabolically and methodically deliberate. The honor and integrity of our leadership has certainly vaporized without our even noticing.

Today dumb kids, and silver ponytails who are afraid of growing up are tearing down historical statuary in an effort to mimic moments of genuine revolutionary conduct in our history. The kids at least might have a bit of an excuse for so humbling themselves, I think, because negligent parents made no effort to introduce them to real and worthwhile frontiers that actually need conquering. I can find no excuse for the silver ponytails, who know how we got here.

Taking advantage of a generally distracted nation, power-hungry, avaricious career politicians regularly stand before cameras and microphones telling lies and fearlessly flip-flopping on previously stated positions

A tiny bit of the contrast, for instance, is that I remember when a Democrat, Hubert Humphrey, stepped to the microphone and actually exonerated and championed our electoral system when he lost to Nixon in ‘68. That standard was not susequently upheld by Al Gore or Hillary Clinton, who kicked and screamed at their defeats.Today the new left quite wittingly, with the help of collaboratively lying media forces, froths up mobs of hapless, gullible ‘protesters’ in order to obfuscate issues, refuse to accept the votes of the majority in this democracy (”...not my president!...”), and attempt to intimidate voters into literally backing away from the decisions they have made.

Taking advantage of a generally distracted nation, power-hungry, avaricious career politicians regularly stand before cameras and microphones telling lies and fearlessly flip-flopping on previously stated positions. They have learned that they can say most anything that is convenient in order to curry favor with whatever crowd they see standing before them at any moment. Because, as I have many times pointed out, effectively no one is listening. Or as George Will has put it, no one any longer reads the minutes of the previous meeting.

But the old saying that ‘a liar’s greatest enemy is time’ is absolutely confirmed in the 21st century where statements made before the press no longer disappear when that day’s papers are thrown out. The Internet’s largest clearinghouse and museum of audio/video memorabilia holds haunting, stubborn exposure of lies that won’t go away. But, again, the new throngs of spiritless people today posing as adults don’t bother to find or be moved by the mountains of nagging factual evidence that is hidden in plain sight.

Our country is being chewed up by the left that is planted firmly in the center of our cyber-dependence

And it should scare us to death that all that evidence and commentary is currently controlled by the maximally self-serving big business that is in league with the powerful left. Who would ever have imagined that the earth’s largest and most penetratingly powerful social interconnection - EVER - would be owned and directed by a Pee Wee Herman with money? Or who will ultimately overcome the restrictions and hindrances inserted by other inexperienced college boys who have built empires in the embryonic stages of an evolving Internet? The ground floor has been taken. And we will either legislatively briidle those beasts now, while we can, or we will be forever at their mercy.

Comfortable, sleepy America, though - literally the free world’s last hope - is quite content to stay on the sidelines and observe while our country is being chewed up by the left that is planted firmly in the center of our cyber-dependence. And as this out-of-control freight train is lumbering toward taking us down entirely, most people behave as though our problems can be solved by simply changing the channel. The recliner and remote are the ‘safe space’ for many ‘silent majority’ Americans who had to take two terms of an Obama in order to get riled up enough to even vote. Nevertheless, the people who so openly talk like me know our time is at hand.

Truly, if folks who still have a grasp on common sense, caution and godliness continue to defer their stand, all is lost. With that in mind, I have in this offering simply taken the opportunity to highlight just a moment in the life of one chronic liar, our former president. It is one thing to complain about dishonest politicians. It is quite another and naturally logical thing to document that fact. While it is still up and viewable I have snagged a certain video that has been making another round on the net. My only objective and hope is to show it to more people.

He has been spouting - in his most syrupy “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony” - drivel criticizing President Trump for keeping his promises to build a wall instead of “making bridges”. Well, the following three videos should be, sequentially, required viewing for every thinking adult on the North American continent. And, yes, this would include Canada. Because we do lean on each other, and our interdependence is mutually imperative.

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You may have already seen the first video. But I am betting you have not seen the ones I’m featuring following it. Or, if you have seen any of them, they probably weren’t presented together like this. A jeweler who wants to most dramatically present his wares first throws down a black cloth in order to really highlight the sparkle. In like fashion, I have first thrown down the dark background, two short clips, of the younger, ambitiously vote-seeking, rookie Senator, Barack Obama, spouting what was then still in vogue in order to entice his nascent constituency.

Then after that, starting with the third video and on, we see the cocky, bon vivant, king of cool, soon to be ex-president Obama, in front of a crowd of politically correct Latinos. He is trying to defuse the plain talk of Donald Trump while setting the stage for the coming, continued darkness of Hillary Clinton. As we can see in and by especially these three videos (and I have included a few extra video links for emphasis), it is ‘any port in the storm’ for the lean and hungry prevaricating globalist, Obama. These films represent only a single lie. DOZENS could be cited.

The likelihood of these videos being taken down is increasing daily. Today’s professional politicians are smart to stay close to the people who control the Internet. The subtly advancing censoring, undoubtedly the prelude to silencing their opposition forever, is beginning to sprout and flourish like never before in the history of our limping America.

Most of my readers are abundantly familiar with the issue touched upon in these videos. Many of my readers will also agree with me when I say that our current president has been the target of more lies and political terror than any of his predecessors. (Many will balk at such a statement. But if you do, you simply don’t stretch at all in doing your homework.)

To be sure that this message stays intact, I have perfectly transcribed the content of these three principal clips. Watch the clips (and/or take the time to read the substance of them, should they be suddenly unavailable). And come to your own conclusions. The contrast, to anyone with a free mind, is unavoidably evident.

Pass this article on as though your life depended upon it. In the long run, it very well may …

“We all agree on the need to better secure the border, and to punish employers who choose to hire illegal immigrants. Uh, you know, we are generous and welcoming people here in United States, but those who enter the country illegally and those who employ them disrespect the rule of law. And they are showing disregard for those who are following the law. We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States; undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this country. So, that’s why we need to start by giving agencies charged with border security new technologies, new facilities and more people to stop, process and deport illegal immigrants.”

“The Bill before us will certainly do some good. It will authorize some badly needed funding for badly needed fences and better security along our borders. And that should help stem some of the tide of illegal immigration in this country.”


“That’s what this is all about: everybody doing their part to make sure that the next generation does even better than we do. That’s how we’ve always made this country great - not by building walls, but by tearing down barriers to opportunities. Not by trying to divide us ... but by trying to build community. Not by telling people to go back to where they came from - ‘cause this would be a really empty country if that’s what happened - but by making sure everybody’s got a right to a place at the table!” So, that’s the story of America.”

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And here are some additional videos for your consideration ...


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