Fox News can’t possibly “cancel” Lou Dobbs. He’s too truthful, talented and most of all too needed in this day of shoddy “journalism”

Lou Dobbs Will Be Back Any Day Now More Followed Than Ever

By —— Bio and Archives--February 10, 2021

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Lou Dobbs Will Be Back Any Day Now More Followed Than EverAfter Being Cancelled, Lou Dobbs Retweets Supporters Blasting Fox News (Media Alert, Feb. 8, 2021)

So long, Lou Dobbs.  That’s “So Long”, “Adios”—but NEVER “Goodbye”.

The honesty, integrity and talent of Lou Dobbs never belonged to Fox News, which sold out to the dark side during the 2020 presidential election campaign.  Lou Dobbs belongs to the people who demand accuracy and truth in the media—and there are millions of them.

As rare as a breath of fresh air on a humid and smog-filled L.A. day, Lou Dobbs was— and is—a national treasure, one that’s bound to be picked up by another news outlet more honesty and integrity than Fox.

Though current management would never admit it, Dobbs’ highly rated show on Fox Business gave the Fox Mother Ship a kind of integrity it never deserved.

Now that he’s been dumped by the billions-rich network amid a threatened lawsuit, interesting to note that not one of the ‘Conservative’ contributors giving Fox gravitas by their presence, has posted fond farewell wishes or wished him luck in landing on his feet.  Not one!

Truth teller Lou Dobbs was more than up against it in a world where ‘journalists’ and talking head television hosts no longer report on the news—but merely make the news up from whole cloth—the more salacious the better.

It’s an environment that took hold of the news world back in the days of the dirty dossier—made up from whole cloth with Hillary Clinton’s help by former MI6 spy Christopher Steele.

Professor Christine Blasey Ford was the first person to follow in the footsteps of Steele and Clinton with unproven allegations she had been sexually harassed by Brett Kavanaugh during a televised Senate hearing where the Rule of Law flew out the window, before returning to a private life boosted by more than a million dollars raised from GoFund Me sources.

The story of Lou Dobbs being “cancelled” by Fox News brings back past memories to the day when I was summarily fired by the now defunct Brampton Daily Times.

Back then, the media joined me when I went back into the Times news room to continue a story that the Times publisher threatened would never see the light of day, Part 2 of a story about the Brampton City Council of the day having gone in camera to give themselves a hefty pay hike in a manner in which it would be too late for taxpayers to do anything about it.

CBC reporter Cindy Reyes kindly accompanied me back out onto the streets after I was fired.  There was an early Spring blizzard raging on that day.  Seeing a huge lineup in front of the Times building, I said to her “the paper must be late”.

At that point, an elderly gentleman at the head of the lineup came over to me and said, “You think this is the end, don’t you?’

“We are taxpayers who came out in the snow to support you.

“For you, this isn’t the end but only the beginning.”

Time was to prove the elderly taxpayer right.

Within days it was announced that I had won Ontario’s ‘Best Beat Reporter’ award.  When I went to London, Ontario to receive it, I was hired on the spot by Toronto Sun founding editor Peter Worthington, so ended up far away from the obscurity of the Brampton Daily Times to the investigative, one-of-a-kind Toronto Sun.

Fox News can’t possibly “cancel” Lou Dobbs.  He’s too truthful, talented and most of all too needed in this day of shoddy “journalism”.

That’s why I know at heart that any day now, we won’t be sadly saying,  “So long, Lou” but joyfully saying: “Hello, Lou!”

And for the many who miss him, it can’t come soon enough!





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