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By —— Bio and Archives--November 5, 2018

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Here in the states, many of us are not buying the story that this was of his doing and by himself..  Other things are, how is it someone like him knew the personal address of Soros or Clintons?  That isn’t public info.  Or how did he hand deliver these pkgs to some of these victims,  in NY state like Soros, while he was still in FL?  Or reported that he was broke and living in his van, yet, had the means and money to send these pkgs, without so much as a USPO cancellation on such?  Which adds to your report pristine decals on a van? These don’t look like ordinary decals, more like a custom job.  Nope.  Whole thing smells fishy.  Sounds like an inside job from the Democrats.  Maybe Hillary had her groupies make these party favors and deliver them personally.  She is Soros neighbor!

This smells like another false attempt by the Democrats to play the victim card, by finding a nobody who wants to be somebody and take the rap.  As you know latest, accusers on Kavanagh have now confessed to lying…No surprise there! 

Hope you keep reporting on this big lie, as it unravels it will lead back to the deep state people still hiding in the FBI and Clintons and Soros, not to mention some Senators that need to be held accountable also.  Hope we see them in orange jumpsuits in Gitmo someday…

A Montana Resident


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