Mahekal Beach Resort — Playa del Carmen

Mahekal Beach Resort Launches "Catch of the Day" Program

By —— Bio and Archives--June 12, 2017

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Playa del Carmen’s Mahekal Beach Resort have just launched an all new “Catch of the Day” program offering an unmatched foodie experience. This true fish-to-fork specialty in an interactive atmosphere takes place twice-a-week when local fisherman pull right up to the Fuego beach in front of Mahekal and Executive Chef Nerey selects his menu items for the day, right off the boat, so you know it’s fresh. Diners relish everything from fresh grouper, tuna and blond fish to lobster and octopus.


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Guests and locals alike can order the day’s catch right on the beach or dine at the adjacent Fuego Restaurante y Cantina. The “Tulum-Style” restaurant boasts a relaxed vibe in a simple laid-back atmosphere with unparalleled views of the white-sand beach out front. Additionally, Chef Nerey delights guests as he prepares his signature ceviche while providing insight about the Mayan philosophy on farming and using local fare to create flavorful, unique dishes.

Mahekal Beach Resort — Playa del Carmen

Nestled between the dense Riviera Maya jungle and Playa del Carmen’s longest stretch of beach, spanning 920 pristine feet, lies Mexico’s Mahekal Beach Resort, the only resort of its kind in all of Playa del Carmen with hand-laid, hidden stone pathways leading to 196 palapa-style bungalow accommodations, all less than a two-minute walk from the sweeping, sandy beach — think Swiss Family Robinson style with high-end finishes and touches of Mayan culture.

Greeted with crisp Caribbean scents, lush vegetation and colorful bougainvillea, Mahekal guests experience exceptional new amenities, including four swimming pools, a seaside hot tub, a new Mayan-inspired Revive Spa and fitness center, three completely renovated restaurants — Las Olas, Cocina and Fuego — and four bars, Boli’s, Itzi, Las Olas and Fuego. Mahekal is exceptionally intimate and authentic —  as for this unplugged vacation experiences, guests won’t find TVs in rooms, but will enjoy a phone system in-house, as well as state-of-the-art WiFi, so the only distractions are the outdoors and each other.

The ultimate coastal experience is complete with a carefree, bohemian atmosphere, the look and feel of Mexico’s traditional past, thrilling adventures nearby and more.



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