Municipal authorities are leaving the impression that 15 million Ontarians can only contract COVID by attending church services or playing golf.

Major Television Network ‘Snitch Central’ In The Time Of Covid

By ——--May 4, 2021

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Major Television Network ‘Snitch Central’ In The Time Of CovidMajor Canadian news outlet, CTV London has become ‘Snitch Central’ for Premier Doug Ford’s Lockdown Regime.

Golfers from surrounding municipalities, identified by the television network as “rogue” golfers, saw themselves as the night “news” on CTV London.

Since no one was asked for permission to have their pictures golfing at London and Tillsonburg golf courses, it should go down as an invasion of privacy.

Videotaping “rogue” golfers out on the links is what CTV London calls “news”?

“Around 4:45 p.m. Sunday, CTV News London witnessed golfers playing a round at Fanshawe Golf Course, which is not currently open. (CTV News, May 3, 2021)

“Over the weekend, reports came in of up to 20 players at a time on the course, however CTV cameras only captured three on Sunday.

“The course remains closed, but there are no measures to prevent members of the public from walking on.”

Videotaping “rogue” golfers out on the links is what CTV London calls “news”?

Golfers, tattled on by CTV reporters were fined, $750 ($880 when the victim surcharge is included).

It is not just CTV tattlers and the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) aiding and abetting the Premier’s 15 million Ontarians in Lockdown, but the hypocritical mayors in Southwestern Ontario cities.

“London Mayor Ed Holder said Monday, “Unfortunately we can’t be everywhere at all times, but we do have security on site and we are working with bylaw regarding enforcement.” (CTV)

“Golf remains a hot-button issue locally and across Ontario as many who play the sport argue courses should have been allowed to remain open during the latest stay-at-home order.

“But Holder says taking short cuts like this one will not help bring an end to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I find this particular activity disrespectful ignorant behaviour. No one is above the law and these individuals know they are breaking the law. They are tresspassing (sic) and they are running afoul of the provincial emergency legislation. So when they are caught - and they will be - I hope they get the maximum fine to make the point.”

“In Tillsonburg, Ont. one golf course has openly defied the Reopening Ontario Act and remained open, resulting in charges for the owners as well as some players.
According to police at least 10 golfers were ticketed Saturday at the Bridges at Tillsonburg golf course.

“Golfers exiting the Bridges at Tillsonburg golf course in Tillsonburg Ont. are being pulled over by OPP and ticketed under the Reopening Ontario Act.(CTV News, May 2, 2021)

“Four officers were stationed along John Pound Rd. Sunday taking photos of people playing the 9th and 17th holes.

“When the players would later leave the course, officers would direct them to pull over. A photo description would be matched with the driver and officers would then issue a $750 dollar ticket. Along with the victim surcharge it totals $880 dollars.”

“Former OPP Commissioner Chris Lewis says, “Police services are dealing with a new playbook, this is not something they’ve experienced before.”

“He feels an increased presence of officers would likely be used as a deterrent.

“Whether or not we agree with the laws around the Golf provision or not, and I don’t personally, and I’m sure lots of police officers don’t, it is a law,” says Lewis, who is now CTV’s public safety analyst.”

Holier-than-thou municipal mayors “can’t be everywhere at all times”.

Don’t expect CTV reporters and videographers to ask mayors like Holder whether so many local parks having been taken over by druggies and drug dealers poses potentially more danger to the public than a few golfers out on the golf links.

Holder would likely answer that “we can’t be everywhere at all times”.

Don’t expect CTV reporters to ask the London mayor why it is that thousands of COVID-infected travellers are allowed to enter Canada.

“More than a quarter of the people who have tested positive for COVID-19 after flying into Canada did so not at the airport but 10 days later at home. (Brian Lilley, Toronto Sun, May 3, 2021)

“Between Feb. 22, when the mandatory federal test started, and April 29, a total of 5,159 people tested positive for COVID-19 after arriving by air.

“So much for travel not being an issue as the Trudeau government continues to claim.

“There were 3,748 people who tested positive when they landed while another 1,411 tested positive when they conducted the home test. A full 40% of those who tested positive were carrying one of the variants of concern.


Between April 12-18, there were 192,558 people who entered Canada at land border crossings

“The number of cases arriving by air increased dramatically in April and not exclusively on flights from India. More than 240 flights had people who tested positive upon arrival but those COVID-positive flights continued even after flights from India and Pakistan were banned.

“The number of COVID positive cases arriving by air jumped by 590 with 19 positive flights arriving in the week after the flight ban took effect. We’ve literally let in thousands of COVID passengers since Trudeau brought in his “tough” border measures, an average of about 500 cases per week, and about a quarter of them were quarantined at home when they tested positive.

“None of this includes the people coming via the land border, who are not required to spend three days in a government-approved hotel.

“Between April 12-18, there were 192,558 people who entered Canada at land border crossings. I’ve asked the Public Health Agency of Canada to provide details of how many have tested positive but so far, they can’t provide those figures.

“If people crossing at the land border were showing the same positivity rate as air passengers, ranging 1.5% to 2.26%, then we would be seeing between 2,888 and 4,351 new cases a week come in via the land border. True, those people would be required to quarantine at home but that doesn’t mean what you think it means.

“Federal government rules simply state you need to keep your distance from others in your home while under quarantine. I just heard from one man who indicated when he came across the land border, the government told him that his wife, an essential worker, can continue to leave the house to go to work while he quarantines.

“This is a couple living together in a suburban home. If they wanted to stay apart, they could.

“In other cases, people are spending quarantine in a full house, like the student I wrote about recently staying in a home with 12 others when she tested positive after entering Canada.

“The issues at our border aren’t simply that we let in flights, or cars, with people who are carrying the virus.  Our quarantine rules and entry rules are so lax.

“At the beginning of December, there were no B.1.1.7 variants in Ontario, but now this variant from the U.K. accounts for 90% of cases.

“Those who can enter Canada include immediate and extended family members of Canadian citizens or permanent residents, international students, and athletes participating in high-level competitions.

“It’s against the rules for me to drive 45 minutes to see my mother, but she could bring her brother into Canada without any issues?

“What Trudeau calls the most stringent border measures in the world are anything but — and the numbers back that up.

“It’s time for him to get serious about who is allowed in and how those allowed in spend their quarantine period.”

But in Ontario, home to almost half of all Canadians, provincial and municipal authorities are leaving the impression that 15 million Ontarians can only contract COVID by attending church services or playing golf.

We are being conned by the same officials we elected last time out.


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