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Make it ILLEGAL to pay terrorists with taxpayer dollars

By —— Bio and Archives--July 31, 2017

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The only way to stop politicians such as Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from making $10.5 million payouts to convicted terrorists like Omar Khadr, who killed one American soldier and maimed another, is legislation making the use of tax dollars for terrorist payouts, illegal. 

The kind of Illegal that comes with the penalty of prison terms for all of those found guilty of using the public purse as a means to enrich terrorism.

Trudeau, wealthy Trust Fund son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, used not one penny from his own bank account, but paid Khadr with $10.5 million tax dollars, a public outrage that has no precedent.

There was no law on the books to prevent the payout, and one should be put on the books as soon as possible to prevent it from ever happening again.

Trudeau’s generosity with other peoples’ money did not come like the proverbial ‘bolt out of the blue’.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was rooting for Khadr while he was still Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. (Canada Free Press, July 4, 2017)

“The prime minister’s brother, documentary film maker Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau protested Khadr’s Guantanamo imprisonment for more than a decade, claiming that his imprisonment was “racist”.

“Trudeau had harsh words in an interview for the Canadian government’s handling of the case, saying it has been beset by “confusion, shame, weakness.” (CBC, Oct. 7, 2008 )

“He agreed with another speaker at the rally that a subtle form of racism also played a part.

“It’s racism being used as a tool to achieve strategic ends, racism being used as a tool to justify our occupation of certain countries, Afghanistan included. Racism is a form of fear.”

Alexandre was senior advisor to his brother Justin’s campaign team for leadership of the Liberal party.

Did Justin Trudeau, who has a provable track record of terrorist sympathy, get his idea to pay Omar Khadr come from the Palestinian Authority,  which now uses half of its foreign aid to reward terrorism?

“The new PA budget boosts support to terrorists in prison by 13 percent and aid for the families of those killed “in the struggle against Zion” 4 percent, reports the Institute for Contemporary Affairs. (NY Post, July 28, 2017)

“The total, $344 million, equals 49.6 percent of all foreign aid to the PA. In other words, cash from Uncle Sam, Europe and even Israel is subsidizing “welfare for terrorists.”

“The PA sends a salary to each Palestinian imprisoned for an attack on Israelis, hitting over $3,000 a month after 30 years. Other stipends go to families of “martyrs” killed in the act. That’s $344 million for 2017 that’s not going to build roads or hospitals.

“Knowing that you or your family will be taken care of is a clear incentive to kill.

“That’s why President Trump is threatening to end US aid if the PA doesn’t quit it.

“The PA budget is a clear “no” to Trump’s demand. Ball’s in your court, Mr. President.”


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But the ball shouldn’t only be in President Trump’s court, but in the legislatures of every Western country with enforceable law forbidding the sending of taxpayer dollars to terrorists.

Paying out $10.5 million to a convicted terrorist like Trudeau did; paying over $3,000 a month after 30 years to Palestinians imprisoned for attacks on Israelis, and other stipends going to families of “martyrs” killed in the act, is downright obscene.

Don’t let the overriding rhetoric of all those in public office looking the other way stop or hold up what should be regarded as critical legislation for public safety.

This is the rhetoric Trudeau is getting away with until the return of the House of Commons in the Fall, and perhaps even then too while Khadr has $10.5 million taxpayer dollars to spend:

“After first blaming the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, then the Supreme Court, then the previous government, Trudeau is now saying the Government of Canada could pay now, or it could pay later. Omar Khadr, according to the Liberals, was going to get his millions either way. (Toronto Star, July 26, 2017)

“The Liberals are deliberately saying things that are not true to hide the fact that this payout was 100% their choice. But the majority of Canadians simply aren’t buying it.

“The Supreme Court of Canada never ordered a multimillion dollar payout to Omar Khadr, and in fact never dictated any monetary compensation at all.


The Supreme Court ruled that in very narrow circumstances, Omar Khadr’s rights were violated. Conservatives accept that finding. We accept the extremely important principle that the Charter applies to all Canadians, no matter how heinous the crime.

“The inconvenient truth for the Liberals, is that the court left it to the government of the day to determine the appropriate compensation for these violations. A lower-court ruling had indicated that the appropriate remedy for Omar Khadr would be repatriation. In other words, the wrong could be righted by allowing Khadr to serve out the rest of his sentence in Canada.

“The previous Conservative government accepted the court finding. Omar Khadr was brought back to Canada and able to enjoy the benefits of the Canadian justice system — the same justice system that has been generous enough to give him his freedom today, while his victims remain dead, wounded, or grieving. That is all the compensation he deserves. Anything above that is a secondary compensation that goes over and above what any court has ordered.

“Yet Justin Trudeau felt it appropriate to turn Khadr into a millionaire, even rushing payment to him as quickly and quietly as possible.

“By handing payment to Omar Khadr in secret, Justin Trudeau would surely have understood that Tabitha Speer and her children — the family of Omar Khadr’s victim, Sgt. Christopher Speer — could be denied any access to the compensation.

“Justin Trudeau could have taken a stand and fought the Khadr case until the very end. Last week, in his latest desperate attempt at deflecting blame, Trudeau has asked us to believe that he was so worried about spending taxpayers’ money, that he surrendered the legal fight.

For the man who is plunging Canada into massive deficits and borrowing more and more money from future generations of Canadians, this last excuse is almost laughable. Besides, principles are worth fighting for.

“Conservatives believe in supporting the women and men in uniform who put their lives on the line to keep us safe, not those who target them.


Continued below...

“So I understand the vast majority of Canadians who are upset by the prime minister’s decision. I am too. A government I lead would be guided by a set of principles that would have ensured we fought this case to the end.

For Justin Trudeau to suggest this was OK — indeed, to go even further by attempting to dodge any responsibility once he got caught — is not what we need in a prime minister.

“Justin Trudeau had a choice. He could have fought this in court. No court decision is ever a given, no matter how many Liberals pretend otherwise.

“And when the House of Commons returns in the fall, our Conservative caucus’s first task will be to hold Justin Trudeau accountable for his choice.

“He cannot hide from it. That isn’t to say he hasn’t tried.

“Trudeau was absent for the Liberal government’s apology to Omar Khadr. He was absent for the announcement of the payout. He has let others in his government do the dirty work, and made himself invisible in the meantime.

“Most shockingly, after being forced to explain his decision, Trudeau claimed he speaks for all Canadians when it comes to his secret Khadr payout.

“It is typical Liberal arrogance for Trudeau to claim he represents what Canadians think and feel about this issue. He represents the government of Canada, not the core beliefs of its people.

“So my question to you is simple.

“Do you agree with Trudeau’s secret payout to Omar Khadr? Does Trudeau speak for you?”

The money’s gone, Mr. Scheer; the horse already out of the barn, over the hill and far, far away.

Nothing the Conservative Caucus will do after their return to the House of Commons in the fall is good enough.

Trudeau’s shiny pony Omar Khadr has been let out of the barn.

Nothing but airtight legislation will stop Justin Trudeau and the Palestinian Authority from awarding money from the public purse to the terrorists.

Promises and political rhetoric don’t cut it, only a law on the books making it illegal will.

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