It’s about trying to keep President Donald Trump from gaining any more ground in Midterm Elections

March-of-the Made-To-Order-Migrants, Fake News Played Out Before Our Very Eyes

By —— Bio and Archives--October 22, 2018

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March-of-the Made-To-Order-Migrants, Fake News Played Out Before Our Very Eyes
After thousands of Hondurans arrive at the Southern Border of the USA, plant the Honduran flag on American soil on Midterm Election Day, what next?

The supposed goal of the Made-To-Order-Migrant-Invasion-Of-America is to make President Donald Trump look bad by whatever means he will employ to stop them in time for Election.


But will saturation mainstream and social media bleating, “Trump is separating families at the border” be enough to impact the outcome of the Nov. 6 election?

Maybe, if hired trucks and buses cart the migrants off to the nearest voting booths.  And if not to the voting booths, they will certainly be in front of media cameras.

To see that the 5 to 7 thousand ‘migrants’ aren’t coming to America for a better life only requires doing the math of the caravan,  including its logistics and supplies.

It’s a long 1,845 miles from Guatemala to El Paso, Texas for example,  where the migrants were seen over the weekend crossing the border into Mexico.

The media wants you to believe that they are walking, having to have their painfully blistered feet attended to, and not being driven.

Averaging 20 miles a day (for the sake of the small children),  they must arrive together,  and if they want to arrive together then they have to go at the speed of the slowest members.

Unless that is, they pile children, the elderly and the feeble into trucks and buses so they can be waiting to rejoin the march when the walkers arrive.

From the point of start off, travelling at 20 miles a day, it would take 92 days for them to reach the U.S.  border.  To make it to the border in time for the Election, they would have to travel roughly 131 miles a day.

Pictures of migrants being loaded onto trucks are now appearing online. 

With the assumption that these trucks have a capacity of holding 50—at most 100—migrants,

they would therefore need 70-140 trucks in total to get them to the border.

Questions needing answers:

  • Who is paying the drivers?
  • Who is paying for vehicle gas and maintenance?
  • Who is footing the bill for food and water for the migrants?
  • Why do the clothes they are wearing look so clean?   How do manage that marching 20 miles or more a day?
  • Why are there so many military-age males travelling in the caravan?
  • Why are so many sporting brand new backpacks?
  • What is in those backpacks?
  • How many cellphones are they carrying to keep in touch with organizers along the route?
  • Most significantly, why do most media outlets show heart-wrenching videos of women and children when the travelling group is dominated by mature males?

Americans are being left in the dark as to exactly where they’re headed, but large groups travelling to the border always leave a trail of garbage and castoffs in their wake.  Tracking the garbage should give investigators an idea of who supplied the food,  water and supplies of all those who marched on America in the latest Caravan.

The Caravan-March-Of-The Made-To-Order-Migrants is Fake News being played out daily before our very eyes.

It’s about trying to keep President Donald Trump from gaining any more ground in Midterm Elections, and has nothing at all to do with the survival and search for a better life for migrants determined to rush the border and sovereignty of America on Midterm Election Day.


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