Marco Rubio owes his Senate seat to the support of Governor Jeb Bush and the Bush donors. Entering the presidential race after only one term in the Senate surely had to upset the Bush family. It was supposed to be Jeb’s turn now

Marco Rubio: Another charming young man

By —— Bio and Archives--November 25, 2015

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Most Americans believe our country is going on the wrong direction, as shown by the latest polls (NBC/WSJ 64% and USC/LA Times 70%).  We are facing the near total transformation promised by President Barack Hussein Obama, one that has taken the USA from an exceptional world power to a lawless corrupt nation and a joke among world leaders.  Our national debt is near $20 trillion.  About 94 million Americans are out of the labor force.  Our borders are not secured while sanctuary cities protect foreign criminals. Our policemen are being demonized.  Our Judeo/Christian values are being persecuted and humiliated.  Our national security is being threatened by admission of “Syrian refugees” even after the horrific terrorists acts in Paris on Friday, November 13.


Election 2016 presents us with the unique opportunity to elect a new leader who will begin to undo this Marxist transformation.  This leader will be facing enormous difficult issues and there is no room for learning or mistakes of inexperience.  This person must be ready on DAY ONE to tackle problems head on, without fear of PC reporters or lobbying by special interests groups, such as the Chamber of Commerce.  This person must have leadership qualities proven by previous experience of accomplishments;  be honest, be responsible, be tough!

Senator Marco Rubio cannot be that leader.  First, his only job throughout 44 years of life has been in the public sector, as a State Representative and House Speaker in Florida, and one term as United States Senator.  He has no business experience nor did he serve in the military.  We cannot afford to elect another life-long politician who has demonstrated no particular accomplishments and only one major legislation win in the Senate:  Comprehensive Immigration Reform, that was thankfully terminated in the House of Representatives.  Senator Rubio’s highlight of his entire life is having been the architect and leader of the infamous “Gang of Eight” legislation that would had given amnesty to millions of illegal aliens without border protection first.  After seeing his poll numbers drop drastically, Senator Rubio claimed to have changed his mind, understanding finally that border security must occur first.

Senator Rubio still supports amnesty and welcomes more foreign workers and citizenship for the DREAMERS.  Senator Rubio has also co-authored legislation to expand H-1B wage depressing visa program by replacing white-collar American workers with foreigners.  This is the way the Disney Company used to replace American workers and force them to train the low-wage foreign workers.  Disney CEO endorsed Rubio’s program.  Other benefactors to the Rubio campaign include Silicon Valley companies, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Oracle, Morgan Stanley and others that seek increases in H-1B visas.  In addition, the Fanjul Corporation (Florida sugar industry), is the fourth largest contributor to the Rubio campaign.  Senator Rubio came to the rescue of the Fanjul family when in 2012 he voted to keep the subsidized federal sugar program.


The two issues today go hand in hand.  Having unsecured borders invites the presence of criminals and terrorists.  We are already familiar with a crime spree by illegal aliens on American citizens (for information please check Ann Coulter’s “Adios America.”).  Senator Rubio cannot support illegal aliens in our country while pretending to be tough on crime and terrorism.  His “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” did not include securing the border before legalizing illegal aliens.  Amendments introduced by Republican Senators to allow for more scrutiny of immigrants and legal H-1B visas were rejected by the Gang of Eight members, including Senator Marco Rubio.  It was for him just like for Senator Schumer, all or nothing.

Sen. Marco Rubio declared just last Thursday on Fox’s America’s Newsroom that “people will have to be deported” before we can have immigration reform. “We are going to have to deport some people, otherwise if you’re not going to enforce the law, what’s the point of having those laws?.” “Criminals are going to be deported. People who haven’t been here very long are going to be deported. People overstaying visas are going to have to be deported. That’s how you enforce immigration laws.” Still, Rubio criticized those who advocate deporting all of those in the country illegally, saying it’s not possible.

In addition to Senator Rubio’s lack of experience and accomplishments, his honesty is of even greater concern.  This lack of honesty has been detected not only by his continuous “double-speak” on the Immigration issue but by other more subtle issues.  Senator Rubio had for years allowed everyone to believe his parents were like most of the Cuban community in Miami:  refugees from a communist Cuba.  When the story broke out in the news media that Rubio’s parents had immigrated to the US before Castro had come to power in Cuba, Marco Rubio explained he had been confused about the dates. Why does it make a difference?  Because the post Castro Cuban community has the best reputation and approval by conservative Americans than any other ethnic group.  This is the only ethnic group that liberals hate because they tend to be conservative in both economic and social issues.

In addition, Senator Rubio has stated different positions on illegal immigration depending whether is in English for an American audience or in
Spanish for the Telemundo Spanish audience.
Most recently, Marco Rubio is flip-flopping on another issue, TPP.  Back in April Rubio wrote an op-ed piece on the WSJ declaring that “we must pass TPP.” “The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), discussed between President Obama and Prime Minister Abe this week, will further our strategic goals in Asia and increase prosperity at home. It will advance economic liberty and unleash free-market forces in the world’s most dynamic region…”  And in May, Rubio described TPP as the “second pillar” of his three-pillar foreign policy strategy.  Recently Senator Rubio’s spokesman said that although he backed the bill granting Mr. Obama fast-track trade authority this summer, he has not decided whether to support TPP legislation.”


In addition to never having been in business, Marco Rubio has a history of poor personal financial planning.  Most are aware of his use of a State of Florida credit card for personal use while he was a House Representative.  As Marco Rubio has explained, it was just a mistake and the State of Florida was reimbursed for his personal purchases.  It is not a crime but already shows sloppiness in dealing with credit.  But this is not the only incident of mismanaging personal finances.  Senator Rubio has a close wealthy friend and personal benefactor, Norman Braman, owner of multiple automobile dealerships.  Mr. Braman  has paid for much of Rubio’s personal debts.  What kind of leader allows a friend to pay his debts? How politicians handle their personal finances might offer insights into how they would handle America’s finances if elected president. The latest wealthy supporter of Senator Rubio is hedge-fund billionaire Paul Singer.  Mr. Singer is another strong supporter of amnesty and immigration expansion.

Senator Rubio who is particularly eloquent, speaks often of his experience in Foreign Policy as a member of the Senatorial Foreign Relations committee.  He seems to have impressed many Americans on his credentials on foreign relations matters.  But there is one very important element that most Americans forget:  Senator Rubio, together with Senator McCain and Senator Graham were strong supporters of Mrs. Clinton’s regime change in Libya.  Senator Rubio and his Senate friends had insisted on a “no fly zone” to save “innocent Libyans.”  Today Senator Rubio no longer mentions Libya; that is just Hillary’s problem since after all, she was the Secretary of State.

If you listen to Marco Rubio lately (4th. Debate, Nov. 10, 2015) you would hear his support for a different “no fly zone” today:  in Iraq where Russian planes are bombing.  He thinks the USA must make a statement.  What kind of statement?  We wish to start WWIII to show our machismo?  He also, on the same debate, called the President of a major country we must deal with a gangster.  Why would Putin wish to deal with Rubio as President?  It is time instead to talk to Putin and bring him to a coalition of our western allies to fight together the battle against Islamist terrorism and annihilation of ISIS.

Don’t allow Senator Rubio’s slick cleverness to distract you from the issues.  Senator Rubio has the tendency to embellish as well as “double-speak” when convenient.  He was chosen some years back as the future golden boy of the Republican Establishment.  He was never a Tea Party favorite.  The only reason Tea Party supporters endorsed and voted for Rubio was because the alternative was Charlie Crist, a RINO turned Independent and now a Democrat.  By the way, Mr. Crist was a cabinet member under Governor Jeb Bush.  Another present from the Bush family.

Marco Rubio owes his Senate seat to the support of Governor Jeb Bush and the Bush donors.  Entering the presidential race after only one term in the Senate surely had to upset the Bush family.  It was supposed to be Jeb’s turn now.

Hope both of them, Rubio and Bush fight it out until the Florida primary.  Let us see then who is left standing, more probably neither one.



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