Elvira Fernandez Hasty

Elvira Fernandez Hasty was born in La Habana, Cuba, to immigrants from Spain. She attended a private Catholic school for women, French Dominicans School, until the age of fifteen. At that time, the Castro regime militia invaded her home one night in order to question her 20 year old sister, Rose, about her involvement in "counter-revolution" at the University. After some months of anguish, my father arranged for Rose to obtain diplomatic protection from the country of Honduras, and the decision was also made to send me away before confiscation of private schools by the communist government. My sister flew to Honduras under the protection of the Ambassador on January 24, 1961, while I left the country for Florida the next day via the Pedro Pan organization that was formed to protect Cuban children from Marxist indoctrination.After finishing high school in Florida and working at an electric company billing department, Elvira continued her studies at St. Mary College in Kansas. She graduated cum laude with a BS in Chemistry and later received her PhD in Chemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana, IL. Dr. Hasty spent twenty years in college teaching and research, becoming Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chairperson at Mundelein College in Chicago.In 1997, Elvira and her husband James, moved to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, where she currently resides. She has been politically active since then, first in the Republican Party and lately in her own conservative organization, Ponte Vedra Conservative Women, a group of conservative women concerned about the future of our country. We are united by our common desire to preserve our Constitution, the principles of our Founding Fathers, and our Judeo/Christian values.

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Why I Support Donald J. Trump for President

Feb 24, 2016 — Elvira Fernandez Hasty

I support and endorse Donald J. Trump for President. My views on Trump have changed much in the past eight months. I’ve never been one of his fans; never watched The Apprentice and only occasionally watched him on some news shows. He never made an impact on me, like or dislike; it was more like neutral. I didn’t even care for him to enter the already crowded race.

After the original excitement by his followers, I decided to add Donald Trump to my vetting process. And, yes, I vet candidates; I follow up voting records of politicians; and I do as much research as possible from different internet sources. I never rely on the TV or newspaper media since all of them are biased. And, of course, I rely on prayer for the Lord to guide me in the right path. God has given me the gift of discernment, but with no instructions is at times difficult to know how best to use it. The answer to my prayers was that He had also given me a brain that could think, research, and find facts; in other words, look it up for yourself since I’ve given you the tools.

The Bashing of Donald Trump

Jan 4, 2016 — Elvira Fernandez Hasty

It is indeed appalling how they spend so much time and energy denouncing Trump and trying to make him look bad. They keep talking about Trump’s rudeness but not a word about how others have insulted him. Just the other day, Jeb Bush called Trump a jerk.  For someone at 3% in the polls, he should instead stop insulting the over 30% who choose Trump and re-evaluate his candidacy.  It tells me these individuals care more for their elitist positions in DC than for their country and the American people.

Fox News spends more time bashing Trump than exposing Obama and Hillary for their treason. It happens with 6 p.m. news with Bret Baier and his crony panel and old timers Brit Hume, Stephen Hayes, George Will, Charles Krauthammer, and Megyn Kelly who they want to bring back to the last debate as moderator. I have also seen it with PJ Media—-a real effort to trash Trump, particularly by Roger Simon and lately by Victor D. Hansen, who should stick to History.

Marco Rubio: Another charming young man

Nov 25, 2015 — Elvira Fernandez Hasty

Most Americans believe our country is going on the wrong direction, as shown by the latest polls (NBC/WSJ 64% and USC/LA Times 70%).  We are facing the near total transformation promised by President Barack Hussein Obama, one that has taken the USA from an exceptional world power to a lawless corrupt nation and a joke among world leaders.  Our national debt is near $20 trillion.  About 94 million Americans are out of the labor force.  Our borders are not secured while sanctuary cities protect foreign criminals. Our policemen are being demonized.  Our Judeo/Christian values are being persecuted and humiliated.  Our national security is being threatened by admission of “Syrian refugees” even after the horrific terrorists acts in Paris on Friday, November 13.

Clinton’s Uranium Deal

May 7, 2015 — Elvira Fernandez Hasty

Every time we think the corruption cannot get any worse, here come the Clintons to prove us wrong again.  The Russian state-owned atomic agency Rosatom bought a 17% share in Uranium One, a Canadian owned company with uranium mines in Wyoming.

It’s beyond anger that I am with this administration and Congress leadership!

Jan 1, 2015 — Elvira Fernandez Hasty

Obama continues to betray our country and act as a dictator.  Then he gets rewarded with Hawaii vacations paid by We the People, the taxpayers.  And what is Congress doing about it?  Talk, talk, talk and cheap promises,

Obama, Castro and the Pope

Dec 18, 2014 — Elvira Fernandez Hasty

Growing up as a child of conservative parents in a Catholic environment, today, after 53 years living in the USA, I find a new world that is upside down.  When Fidel Castro came to Cuba, soon after there were rumors of the government takeover of private schools.  I was sent as a young teen to the USA via the Pedro Pan program to live with cousins of my mother in Tampa, Florida.  It was to be a temporary situation, just until the government in Cuba changed to a democracy.  After all these years, Cuba is still a communist country but it is the USA that has changed.

The Compassionate Racism of Liberals

Jul 2, 2014 — Elvira Fernandez Hasty

Conservatives today are constantly being labeled racist for opposing the radical leftist ideology of President Barack Obama.  Psychologists believe in the projection theory, which is that individuals like to project their own negative behavior on those they hate.  No other issue seems to prove this theory more than the anger liberals express towards conservatives while accusing them of racist motives.

Obama’s Children Trafficking

Jun 16, 2014 — Elvira Fernandez Hasty

Newspapers in El Salvador and Honduras are promoting Obama’s policy to defer deportation to minors brought to the United States as children by their parents — known as “Dreamers” and, telling their readers that this applies to all minors entering the United States.

My Pedro Pan Reunion

Feb 6, 2014 — Elvira Fernandez Hasty

On a week when our country experienced once again Arctic weather, the lies at SOTU by POTUS, and the suicidal GOP amnesty principles, I became enormously grateful for a weekend of much needed revival of spirits.  I now wish to share the experiences with all frustrated and distraught conservative Americans who still stand by the principles that make our country exceptional.

Thanks but no Thanks to Another Bush

Feb 4, 2014 — Elvira Fernandez Hasty

(My reply to Jeb Bush Jr. letter asking me to send a birthday card to his father.)

I am happy to write a personal message to your father, Governor Jeb Bush.  You can actually share this note with him.

The Handshake

Dec 13, 2013 — Elvira Fernandez Hasty

President Obama seemed happy to greet Raul Castro at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela in South Africa.  The video shows him talking in a friendly manner and, it even looked like he was bowing.

“It’s The Law”

Oct 15, 2013 — Elvira Fernandez Hasty

It must be clear by now that ObamaCare is the law.  How many times have you heard that phrase in the past two weeks from Obama fans like Kirsten Powers from Fox News, George Stephanopoulos from ABC and CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin (Baldwin said, “Congress passes a law, in this case ObamaCare, and then some of its members turn around and essentially try to sabotage it. Again, I repeat, it’s a law). Even Judge Judy said “it’s the law” to Megyn Kelly on last Friday’s The Kelly File.

Love the Poor

Aug 28, 2013 — Elvira Fernandez Hasty

Why are priests and ministers preaching salvation via charity towards the poor?  They would probably disagree with my statement but today the message coming across from many Christian churches is one of “love the poor” instead of the traditional message of redemption.

Senator Rubio:  Not a Typical Cuban American

Jul 1, 2013 — Elvira Fernandez Hasty

Marco Rubio has little in common with the Cuban American community.  As an American citizen of Cuban descent, I refute Rubio’s partiality for leftist groups like La Raza and his trust on socialist Democrats like Senator Schumer,  DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, and President Barack Obama.

Illegal Immigration and Marco Rubio’s Compassion

Jun 13, 2013 — Elvira Fernandez Hasty

Senator Rubio’s position on the immigration issue had been interpreted by conservatives to mean that he supported border security measures first, before the initial legalization.


Mar 12, 2013 — Elvira Fernandez Hasty

Edward Everett Hale was an American author, historian and Unitarian clergyman in the 19th. Century.  Mr. Hale advanced a number of social reforms including religious tolerance, abolition of slavery and education reforms (See Wikipedia).  His most famous quote was:  “I am only one, but I am one.  I cannot do everything but I can do something.  What I can do, I should do and, with the help of God, I will do.”

Marco Rubio as the GOP Savior

Feb 12, 2013 — Elvira Fernandez Hasty

Senator Marco Rubio’s recent interview by Time magazine has the expected liberal spin.  Is Senator Rubio so obsessed with his message on Immigration Reform that he does not realize how Time has used him?  The Senator appears on the cover of Time magazine with the words “The Republican Savior.”  I find that image offensive.

The Hispanic Vote and Immigration

Feb 5, 2013 — Elvira Fernandez Hasty

First I would like to discuss the usage of the term “Hispanic.”  As someone who immigrated from Cuba I am considered Hispanic.  The interesting thing is that this word was never used while I was growing up in Cuba.  I was known as someone who was first generation Cuban having Spanish parents (that is, from Spain).  At my private Catholic school for girls, I was taught by Dominican sisters who believed in a strong liberal arts education for women. Early in life, I learned that my race was Caucasian (white) and my ancestry was Spanish (from colonizer Spain).  I was never even called “Latina”.