They want us to believe their hatred knows no bounds, but in truth after first corroding its hosts, their once virulent, spittle-flecked hatred is already running out of steam.

Maxine Waters goes from ‘Impeach Trump’ to Asking Him to ‘Do America a Favor and Resign’

By —— Bio and Archives--May 2, 2017

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All those out there marching along the ‘Highway of Hate’ will never get it: Every Highway of Hate ever created ends with a wall impossible to scale.  Called the ongoing Battle of Good Versus Evil, the wall’s infuriatingly and frustratingly stood there down through the annals of time. 

Notice how Evil, while it continues to march on, never quite wins?  That’s because the Battle of Good Versus Evil cannot come to an end until God Almighty chooses the time.

Current day ignoramuses goose-stepping along the Highway of Hate don’t realize that history went marching past Herod, Hitler and every other evil overseer who ever came into power, or that the same fate awaits George Soros, Barack Hussein Obama and every other fame-seeking upstart among the Progressive Left.

You can’t legislate hate, only try to.  You can force your visceral hatred on others, but never force those others to pass your hatred on to innocents when they know it is against their Creator’s Will.

Meanwhile, they come up with new tactics daily showing their bravado.

But their purge of Conservatives in the news media is nothing new.  We’ve been there before. Life goes on after all purges, including the latest one at Fox News.  Daddy Murdoch’s lib-left boys and their wives want to be like the other alphabet television networks, in sync with the progressive left politicians of the day.  Let them.  Conservatives plucked by the purge will find work elsewhere and life will go on as usual.

Marchers along the Highway of Hate need you to believe that it’s all over for civil society, that there’s no way out from the airtight chokehold the progressive left holds over civil society.

Their latest big ruse is making the world believe that even if Donald J. Trump is president, ‘President Progressive Left’  still rules the rubes.

While pushing the propaganda that they will not allow President Trump to carry out his duties, Maxine Waters, one of their loudest top flight lieutenants has already gone from impeaching Trump to pleading that he “”does America a favor” by turning in his resignation.

Fat chance of that, Maxine!

Even out of office, the progressive left lives only to defy the population of America, 65 million of whom ignored polls and the mainstream media by voting for the president who defeated who they were being sold as ‘inevitable Hillary”.

When the electorate chose Trump as their leader back in November, the progressives who had eight years to arrange for tactics such as no president but their own would ever be allowed to govern.

Making every angle in their playbook good to go, the progs made ‘Nobody Can Stop Us’ second only to ‘No Outsider Will Ever Be Let Inside the seat of Power’.

Their insistence that no outsider would ever be let inside to the top seat of power has already failed them.

In other words, it’s all over other than the ear-splitting whines.

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The only outsiders the progs allow in are those they think are capable of overrunning the population.  Although some of them are already in play, illegals, are already leaving the country of their own accord, i.e. self-deporting.

We all know that their political machinations would grind to a halt without Republican support.

Progs had already correctly assessed Republicans fighting each other while keeping their inflated egos ahead of the welfare of the country filed in the NO CONTEST Department .

But Repubs in battle are wishy-washy at best and many of them will be taken out of play in the very next election.

A closer look behind their hype shows that rabble-rousing Democrats have become almost child-like in their strategy for political survival.

Days of Protest were set aside on their calendars in the event of an election upset, which in reality, happened on Nov. 8.

The Institute of Mother’s Day is no longer set aside to honour mothers but has been penciled in on May — for ‘Moms Against Trump’.

Count on ‘Dads Against Trump’ for this year’s Father Day.

In the progs’  desperation, Goldfish, Guppies & Yuppies will be next.

Meanwhile, ’I Hate Trump and You Should Too’ is being belted out in hastily written songs, cropping up on television sitcoms, sporting events and in every corner of the culture.

It even appears in worship at churches of some denominations.

Everyone’s in on The Act.

And an Act is all it is, because that’s all the run-out-of-ideas progressive left have to go on.

They want us to believe their hatred knows no bounds, but in truth after first corroding its hosts, their once virulent, spittle-flecked hatred is already running out of steam.

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