Bogus Trump-Russia conspiracy that is holding America hostage?

McCain Gone but Russia-Trump Collusion Story Lives On

By —— Bio and Archives--August 27, 2018

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McCain Gone but Russia-Trump Collusion Story Lives On
Senator John McCain is gone (God rest his soul) and a massive grieving over his passing is about to be exploited to the nth degree by election-bound Democrats.

For fans of the macabre, in the true-life-stranger-than-fiction category,  Senator McCain died of the same cause, the same day, nine years later than Senator Ted Kennedy.


According to some there’s an imaginary black cloth draping the chair in which the late McCain sat in the senate.

One would think that the black cloth would serve as a reminder of our own mortality, that human life inevitably ends in at least physical if not spiritual death.

But nothing doing for the prog-left who seem to think they get to live forever.

There will never be any peace in the valley as long as the prog-left Democrats continue their ‘Death To America Dance’.

If there’s anywhere that black cloth belongs it’s on the Christopher Steele written Trump-Russia dossier of filth paid for by Hillary Clinton and the “Get Trump” deranged DNC;  the dossier Clinton sent out by McCain who delivered the message to the public realm like a homing pigeon.

The main event which jumpstarted the one in which we’re all now living unrolls like an over-the-top Netflix production.

According to the Russian conspiracy that was to outlive McCain, the Kremlin has been “cultivating, supporting, and assisting” Trump for years under the eagle eye of one time KGB agent, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

With many caught up in the filth of the dossier, it is easy to lose sight that many of its allegations got off scot free as “unverified”.

McCain, Clinton’s delivery agent tried to justify in high-flown words why he took on the requested mission.

“McCain wrote that it all seemed “too strange a scenario to believe” at first, but felt “even a remote risk that the President of the United States might be vulnerable to Russian extortion had to be investigated.” (Business Insider, May 22, 2018)

“Sen. John McCain provides intimate details of how he obtained the infamous so-called Steele dossier in his new book, “The Restless Wave.”

“The Republican senator was attending an annual security conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia shortly after the presidential election in November 2016 when a retired British diplomat approached him.”

Security conferences are always the best place to get approached by British diplomats.

“According to McCain, he didn’t recall ever having a previous conversation with Sir Andrew Wood, but may have met him before in passing. Chris Brose, a staff member on the Senate Armed Services Committee, and David Kramer, a former assistant secretary of state with Russian expertise, joined McCain and Wood in a room off the main conference hall. (Business Insider)

“After discussing Russian election interference for a few minutes, Wood explained why he’d approached McCain in the first place.

“He told me he knew a former MI6 officer by the name of Christopher Steele, who had been commissioned to investigate connections between the Trump campaign and Russian agents as well as potentially compromising information about the President-elect that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin allegedly possessed,” McCain wrote.”


Funny that Hillary Clinton knew Christopher Steele too.

“Wood told McCain that Steele had compiled a report, while careful to note the information was unverified, which the former British spy “strongly believed merited a thorough examination by counterintelligence experts.” (Business Insider)

“Our impromptu meeting felt charged with a strange intensity,” McCain wrote. “No one wise-cracked to lighten the mood. We spoke in lowered voices. The room was dimly lit, and the atmosphere was eerie.”

I’ll bet!

After further discussion, the group agreed to send “former assistant secretary of state with Russian expertise” David Kramer to London to meet Steele.

“When Kramer returned from the meeting and told McCain that Steele seemed to be a reputable source, the Republican senator agreed to receive a copy of the dossier. (Business Insider)

“The allegations were disturbing, but I had no idea which if any were true,” McCain said. “I could not independently verify any of it, and so I did what any American who cares about our nation’s security should have done. I put the dossier in my office safe, called the office of the director of the FBI, Jim Comey, and asked for a meeting.”

“McCain ultimately turned the dossier over to Comey in a meeting on December 9, 2016 that he said lasted about 10 minutes.

“I did what duty demanded I do,” McCain wrote, adding that anyone who disagrees with his decision can “go to hell.”


Roughly half of an entire country was sent to “hell” with salacious allegation claims that Trump once paid Russian prostitutes to perform sexual acts in front of him that involved urination in a Moscow hotel—in a bed once slept in by Barack Obama and the Messiah’s wife, Michelle.

That Trump has repeatedly dismissed the dossier as “fake” and “phony” has been teased by most mainstream and social media without let up for the past year and a half.

Main intent of the dossier trash talk was to lay down tracks that Trump would be made vulnerable to blackmail.  Ironic now in view of the immunity being granted by Robert Mueller III’s special counsel to multiple Trump associates—including the doorman at his hotel.

Why would Wood have traveled so far from home to give the Arizona senator a heads-up on Trump-Russia collusion?

“McCain wrote that he suspects Wood approached him about the Steele dossier because he has been such a persistent, staunch critic of Putin over the years, and that he would “take their concerns seriously.” (Business Insider)

The prog-left not only took Wood’s rumors “seriously”, they took them to heart and continue to use them to this very day as the best way to take down the duly elected populist President Donald Trump.

A reminder for social media rubes who will try to write this story off as Fake News:

It’s all chronicled in McCain’s book, ‘The Restless Wave’.

Meanwhile, isn’t it high time to throw the prog-left’s imaginary black cloth on Sen. McCain’s empty Senate seat where it really belongs— on the bogus Trump-Russia conspiracy that is holding America hostage?


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