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McCain’s Pick - Sarah Palin

By —— Bio and Archives--August 30, 2008

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John McCain wins the Vice Presidential selection round for two reasons - better choice and his team executed it with more precision (a.k.a., they know how to be disciplined and not leak). Barack Obama’s choice of Biden leaked the night before.


Five reason’s McCain choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) is phenomenal:

1) More executive experience than both Biden and Obama combined. She’s been a serving Governor. Additionally, she was a city legislator and mayor longer than Obama has been in politics. So the experience issue is moot.

2) The daughter of a teacher, she’s an avid sportswoman. The contrast of two lifetime members of the National Rifle Association leading the GOP ticket will help win over Hillary Clinton Democrats. Blue collar Democrats welcome to the GOP.

3) You can’t get further from Washington than Alaska. Palin is change. She beat an incumbent in her own Party to become Governor because she was a crusader against corruption; she was the whistle blower on scandals. Palin is a total reinforcement of McCain’s maverick narrative.

4) Governor Palin successfully shatters the glass ceiling. I’m sure liberals will note that she was a former beauty contestant. Exposing their devotion to liberalism over the cause of feminism. But Palin was also point guard as a high school basketball player. And, obviously, she’s a working mom.

5) She’s a regular Jane. Palin drives a snowmobile, shoots a gun, eats meat, has 5 children and married an Alaskan native who is a blue collar worker.



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