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Media to Trump: ‘Shut Up & Take Our Abuse’

By —— Bio and Archives--June 7, 2018

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Media to Trump: ‘Shut Up & Take Our Abuse’
Mainstream and social media are still coming on as MEGA MIFFED! that President Donald Trump dares to stand up to them in the midst of their outlandish conspiracies about his wife, First Lady Melania.

Caught up in the act, NBC scribes, of singed peacock feather fame, are now twisting themselves into pretzels to push the false narrative about “Missing in Action (MIA) Melania”.

“Earlier Wednesday, hours before the scheduled meeting, Trump ripped the “unfair” and “vicious” media “narrative” surrounding Mrs. Trump’s prolonged public absence. (NBC, June 6, 2018)


“The Fake News Media has been so unfair, and vicious, to my wife and our great First Lady, Melania. During her recovery from surgery they reported everything from near death, to facelift, to left the W.H. (and me) for N.Y. or Virginia, to abuse,” Trump tweeted Wednesday morning, ahead of the first lady’s expected re-emergence.”

How many people return to work following a brief time off for recuperation after surgery without being branded MIA?

“In a second tweet, Trump claimed that “four reporters spotted Melania in the White House last week walking merrily along to a meeting” and “never reported the sighting because it would hurt the sick narrative that she was living in a different part of the world, was really ill, or whatever.” (NBC)

“But, in fact, reporters did note Melania Trump’s movement within the White House last week. Eamon Javers, of CNBC, tweeted on May 30 about the first lady walking with her aides.

How does it feel, Mr. Javers to be counted as FOUR reporters rather than one—all because NBC wants to continue pushing a false narrative?!

Defiant to the nth degree, NBC states “Despite her husband’s claims, Melania Trump’s scheduled appearance could be her last for awhile.”

“Awhile” in this case being not in attendance at the G7 gathering or the much anticipated U.S./North Korea meeting in Singapore.

Predictions from NBC’s fake crystal ball are based on the first lady’s office having said earlier this week that she would not be joining the president for the Group of Seven summit in Canada this week, or for the highly anticipated North Korea meeting in Singapore on June 12.

Although spouses often accompany leaders to G7 meetings, their attendance isn’t mandatory. The spouses of British Prime Minister Theresa May, France’s Emmanuel Macron and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will not be participating in any official Way at the Group of Seven Summit in Quebec this weekend.

Not lacking in courage, President Trump will deal with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un on his own.

NBC being NBC just had to slide in that “On the left, in particular, there has been rampant speculation that the first lady has essentially been held hostage by her husband’s presidency while he embarrasses her.”

As proof that “the first lady has essentially been held hostage by her husband’s presidency while he embarrasses her”, incredibly NBC offers: “Mrs. Trump’s repeatedly rebuffed her husband’s attempts to hold her hand in public.”

Dropping her husband’s hand to flip back her wind-blown hair, or to walk more comfortably in single file fashion,  is now “repeatedly rebuffing” her husband’s “attempts” to hold her hand in public.

The rebuffing her husband’s attempts to hold her hand in public has been a constant British Daily Mail meme.  The Daily Mail seems to go out of its way to get ‘not holding hands’ photos to display in their anti-Trump coverage.

In rebuking President Trump “Fake News is really bad” complaints, this is what the Daily Mail countered:

“The president may not be distinguishing between media reports and the rolling conversation that takes place every day on Twitter.”  (Daily Mail)

And of course they threw in one of the most vicious Tweets for good measure:

“One user, Victoria Brownworth, who has identified herself as a Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist and lesbian activist, wrote last week: ‘I want to know where #MelaniaTrump is because Trump has beaten his other wives and sexually assaulted his first wife and a couple dozen women.’

“She also wrote: ‘Has Trump assaulted Melania and she is still recovering? Is THAT what caused her kidneys to bleed? Because kidneys don’t bleed easily,’ she wrote.”


Some Twitter users also happen to be senior editors for upstanding publications: (Breitbart, June 4, 2018)

“First Lady Melania Trump’s Communications Director Stephanie Grisham condemned a “disgusting” Monday tweet from Atlantic Senior Editor David Frum containing a hypothetical situation with President Donald Trump hitting his wife.

“Frum went after President Trump, his personal attorney Jay Sekulow, and now former Trump attorney John Dowd in a tweet that asked whether Trump would be obstructing justice if he punched the First Lady and ordered the Secret Service to cover up the assault.

And Politico’s:  “She’s moved back to New York City, she’s cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller, she’s living with the Obamas, working on a tell-all book or she had a secret nip and tuck that she’s healing from.”

Meanwhile the gossip mongering of a media no longer in the news business is as absurd as its lead, fork-tongued reporters are.   


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