May God continue to bless the United States of America, and all of its citizens!

Memorial Day Honors!

By —— Bio and Archives--May 26, 2013

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Memorial Day stands as a testament to the valor and ultimate sacrifice of those who have served to preserve our constitutional republic, and our rights and freedoms.  Considering their sacrifices, don’t we owe it to all who have served, and especially those who have given their lives, fighting to retain all for which they have fought?  Wouldn’t that be the best way to honor those brave men and women?


Both of my parents served in the military during WWII, my mom in the Army and my dad in the Navy.  Both volunteered for their service.  At that time, there was a sense of responsibility and honor that permeated society.  Their generation fought narcissistic evils, both in the battle fronts, and afterwards, during the Cold War.  While I miss them daily, I’m so glad they are not here, witnessing the purposeful destruction of our constitutional republic by those atop our government, and non-citizen, elitist hood rats.

Have their lost lives been in vain because the vain elites, most of whom are not Americans, are succeeding in the purposeful and systematic destruction of our constitutional republic?  Do traditional patriots realize that those pulling the puppet strings are void of morals, ethics and principles because their ‘agenda’ is sacrosanct?  Do traditional patriots realize that the elites view thuggery and lying as weapons to be used to impose their agenda?  Most importantly, do today’s traditional patriots realize they have become the primary target of the elites as they act to complete their quest of razing our constitutional republic?

I don’t know which camp is more offensive to those who realize war has been declared against the United States and our quality of life.  In one instance, we have those brazen enough to attack what we hold dear.  There is no difference between the ultimate goals of Muslim terrorists and the elitist cabal; both seek the destruction of the West, albeit for different reasons.  We shouldn’t be surprised that our blessed way of life is under attack.  Satan is always at work, attempting to destroy relative peace and harmony because he wants all to suffer as he suffers.  Misery, indeed, enjoys company!  This is why we must be ever vigilant in defending our republic and ensuring ensuing generations enjoy the rights and freedoms we have enjoyed.

In the second instance, we have a distracted citizenry who sport massive blinders as to what has been, and is, happening behind closed doors, and under the surface.  For far too many, they don’t want to know the truth.  This would upset their sandbox of life.  They would have to make changes to their schedule, and, more importantly, to their belief systems regarding government intrusion and overreach.  They would have to sacrifice and take action!  What these people fail to realize is that change is upon us.  Their lives will be changing in ways never thought to be believable.  Are they prepared for these massive changes, not just because of the size of the changes and the numbers of changes, but the direction of the changes?  Obama promised fundamental change, yet few supporters questioned the type of ‘fundamental’ change he promised.  Many voters hated GWB so much that they bought a pig-in-a-poke with Obama, and, ironically, his ‘signature’ legislation, Obama Care, was rammed through as a pig-in-a-poke, too!

The past few weeks has exposed the seamy underside of a regime intent upon destroying all for which so many sacrificed so much.  Isn’t it time that the good people within our citizenry act to repel the treasonous assaults that have become business-as-usual in our nation’s capitol, and in too many of all levels of government?  The ultimate salute to our fallen is to seize upon the emotion of the of this special holiday, taking ownership of our county, and demanding those in government act according to their oaths of office in representing the citizenry of the United States of America, as called for within our Constitution.  Only by doing this do we have an opportunity to ensure that future generations will be able to honor our fallen as we do this weekend.  May God continue to bless the United States of America, and all of its citizens!


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