Christine Blasey Ford Surfs Into Washington

Message to Senate: Wake us up when it’s over

By —— Bio and Archives--September 27, 2018

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Christine Blasey Ford Surfs Into Washington
Today’s Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Hearing is destined to go down as ‘The Crowning Glory of Entertainment News’, the big finale of what the mainstream and social media have been building on for more than the last decade.

Entertainment is News.

They’ve even borrowed the teaser from television serial finalés, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, never knowing what comes next.


In the case of Christine Blasey Ford it’s been a week-long of ‘Will She Or Won’t She?’

Put in a personal appearance, that is, at today’s hearing.

It would have mattered little had Ford been a no-show, letting her signed statement that Kavanaugh is a 36-year-old sexual assault monster be her only testimony. Senators Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Cory Booker, bit-part players like Kamala Harris, Mazie Hirono et al would have been her in-the-flesh stand-ins.

To the two men who have supposedly stepped forward on the eve of the Judiciary Committee probing the stories of nominee Kavanaugh and his elusive accuser Ford:  you were too late, your ship had already sailed.

But, never mind,  if you were telling the truth you would never have been heard anyway.

“On the eve the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing examining the stories of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, two men have reportedly come forward claiming that they, not Judge Kavanaugh, were the ones who had the encounter in question with Ford. (PJ Media, Sept. 27, 2018)

“Burgess Everett, a reporter for Politico, broke the news on Twitter. “[Senate Judiciary] Committee staff have a second interview with a man who believes he, not Judge Kavanaugh, had the encounter with Dr. Ford in the summer of 1982 that is the basis of her allegation,” Everett wrote. “He described his recollection of their interaction in some detail.”

“For people asking for more info,” Burgess added in a second tweet, “this is from a long investigation summary from Judiciary Republicans distributed tonight. These interviews happened this week, according to the committee.”

But if you’re only put-ups from the other side, it’s not too late to don Handmaiden Tale get-ups and sit in on today’s hearing any way.

Today’s circus got off to a start even as retracted sexual assault claims are riding the Entertainment News rails.

‘CNN And The Hill Spread Retracted Sexual Assault Claim — Without Mentioning It Was Retracted’ (Daily Caller, Sept. 26, 2018).

“CNN and The Hill both spread a bombastic accusation of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Wednesday, without mentioning that the man who made the accusation has since retracted the claim and apologized for making it.

“A Rhode Island man called Democratic Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s office and claimed that Kavanaugh and one of the judge’s high school friends, Mark Judge, had drunkenly sexually assaulted a friend of his while in Rhode Island in 1998, according to the transcript of a Senate Judiciary Committee interview with Kavanaugh.

“The man’s name was redacted in the transcripts released to the public but the investigator quoted verbatim several outlandish anti-Trump tweets from the man’s Twitter account, allowing reporters to definitively identify him on Twitter as “Jeffrey Catalan.”

“Catalan retracted the claim shortly afterward and said he made a “mistake” in leveling the false charge against Kavanaugh. “I have recanted because I have made a mistake and apologize for such mistake,” the man wrote on Twitter.


“But those details didn’t make it into CNN and The Hill’s initial reports.

“JUST IN: Kavanaugh faces new accusation of sexual assault,” The Hill wrote on Twitter.

“The Hill’s initial misleading story did not note that Catalan had apologized for his claim, despite being published more than 20 minutes after he retracted it.

“After an inquiry from The Daily Caller News Foundation — which The Hill did not return by press time — the publication noted the Twitter account’s retraction.
The update was placed more than halfway down the piece, which still left out the accuser’s outlandish tweets.

“CNN, which did not immediately return a request for comment, similarly left out crucial context in its initial report, which was titled, “Kavanaugh denies two additional accusations to Senate Judiciary Committee.”

“CNN updated its misleading report late Wednesday night to note the accuser’s retraction, though it did not include his inflammatory tweets.

“The other accusation was an anonymous letter from a person who — while refusing to reveal any names of those involved other than Kavanaugh — accused the nominee of pushing their daughter up against a wall, which Kavanaugh denied.”


Unless you’re Alex Jones you can Tweet anything you want on Twitter.

Meanwhile, from miles away Ford had asked Senate to limit press access for today’s hearing.

No deplorables in social media lockdown, please!

“Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyers have asked senators to limit the press who will be allowed in the room to cover Thursday’s hearing with her and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and sought to dictate at least some of the outlets. (Washington Times, Sept. 25, 2018)

“Coverage is one of a number of issues Ms. Blasey Ford’s lawyers are negotiating with Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“Michael Bromwich said in emails sent Tuesday afternoon that he was requesting access for three “robocams,” three specific wire services, photographers from the Associated Press, Reuters and one unspecified service, and a pool reporter for newspapers and magazines. In a follow-up email he specified that the robocams should be operated by “the CSPAN TV pool,” and said he also wanted space for a radio reporter.”

How did all this come about in post-presidential 2016 America?


In case you didn’t notice,  all thousands of photos depicting Christine Blasey Ford show her wearing sunglasses.

That’s because she tried to be the epic image of the Golden State ‘Sunshine Girl’ who came straight from surfing the waves to surfing the stupified Senate.

Ford is best described in the Lyrics of Katy Perry’s song, California Gurls:

California girls
We’re undeniable
Fine, fresh, fierce
We got it on lock
West coast represent
Now put your hands up
Ooh oh ooh
Ooh oh ooh
Sex on the beach
We don’t mind sand in our stilettos
We freak
In my jeep
Snoop doggy-dog on the stereo oh oh

Meanwhile, depending on the outcome of today’s Entertainment-Is-News hearing, it won’t only be Brett Kavanaugh but We the People who’ve been had.


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